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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The meet up in New York

The trip was from June 17th thru the 21st. This was the best time that fit everyone's schedule.

With me traveling from Seattle to New York, its a all day trip, I got there the day before everyone else and spent some resting. I got to spend some time with my brother and my new nephew.

We were all meeting up at Chad's place, they all got there Thursday night for some cold pizza and a few game of Apples to Apples as a ice breaker game. Fun was had by all.

The next day we went to Ground Zero, Liberty Island and to the Top of the Rock. We meet up with Chad, went back to the apartment and started our Warhammer game. For a game we have not played in 10+ years, we picked it up slowly again. We got a good 5 or so hours of play and it looked like about 20% the way thru the adventure. More to play when we get together again in a year or two. To save on travel time Chad spent the night on the couch for a few hours of sleep.

We got up when we got up, picked up put rent a car and headed to play some paintball at Paintball Arena in New York. Last time I had played was sometime in 1991 (I think). We brought what stuff we had and rented the paintguns and masks. We played in a indoor arena, a first for me. For most of the games, we played on the same side. Running, shooting and getting hit. Not all in that order sometimes. We had fun in a game we had not played in a long time and I walked away with only 14 bruises.

Durring out trip we talked about old and new time, like old time. We plan to make a habbit of this and head over to my neck of the woods (Seattle) when next we meet up in a year or so.

See the pictures I took here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The game of old.

Currently I am in New York seeing my brother and meeting up with some childhood friends. We are planing to have a old school game of Warhammer (the '86 RPG ver). Most of the characters are created, down on paper or in some one's head. The GM has a adventure in mind for us to go thru. As he has stated, it has been many moons from the last time he has played the game. We will most likely be playing most of this by ear.

The name for my Dwarf that I came up with is Rustfist Redforge.

See my game blog for other notes about the game:

We shall see how this turns out.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Creation of a character

I have a few posts on my game blog so far. They are on character creation and some ideas on what could be. Our GM has the Hero Designer Software and entered most of our characters to find the totals. Due to time, I had email the changes I wanted with my character and currently waiting for the outcome to tweak to my liking.

Character Creation

I have also fooled with the design of the blog. The bloging software has been updated and I find I like the changes. I have tweaked the theme, added a picture and arranged the side bar as it looks good to me. For now I will let it sit and see how I feel about it later.

See the game blog here.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The End is here.

This story has ended.

Our old Hero System has ended (on 10-10-08) and will not be continued. My blog for the game/character will not be updated and I have added my last post on it with most of what I have posted here.

We next played the Keep on the Shadowfell, a 4th Ed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. The game was well played and our character lived to fight other battles.

We have gained a total of 5 player now and we have begun a new Hero System game. We are at the character building time and the plot will begin to twist soon.

As with any ending, there are beginning.

A new blog for the game has been started. There is very little in it at this time.

I will list below my blog and any others that are started by the other player.

Kross the ????? of the Pakasa/Dumawe

Perrol the Bard Half-Elf

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Character Review

Our 4th Ed D&D game is over. We completed the Keep on the Shadowfell and want to start something different. We are restarting our Hero System back up, now with more players.

With my character being mothballed, I wanted to reflect on the choices I used for the Feats, At-Wills, Encounter, Daily and Utility Powers.

My character was a Ranger and I had fun.

D&D Game 01-09-09 (7)

First off are the Feats:

Defensive Mobility: It helped some when the attacker came to me when I was off to the side pelting them with some arrows.
Lethal Hunter: A great benefit with my Hunter's Quarry target.
Elven Precision: It helped when I got to re-roll one of my attacks for Elven Accuracy
Distant Advantage: We leveled up our character for the last battle and did not get a chance to use this at all. With past battle in mind. I think it could be put to good use.

Next would be

Wit the two at will I had, Careful Attack and Twin Strike, I found out I mostly used the Twin Strike attack. You have two chances to attack and most of the time you would hit with one of the attacks. A few time you could hit with both. I could see using Careful Attack with Distant Advantage to get the To Hit bonus up to +4, but never got a chance to try it out.

Next would be
Encounter Powers:

The two power that I used were Two-Fanged Strike and Thundertusk Boar Strike. With
Two-Fanged Strike it helped out some, it is like Twin Strike, as you attack twice, but has the possibility of a little more damage. Almost all the time I used this power I only hit the one time that boosted the damage a little. This would be a power I would change if I remade the character.

With Thundertusk Boar Strike, it attacks twice. The option of this was that it also pushes the target it it hits. I used this many a time to get the target in the right place.

Next on the list is the Daily Powers:

With Split the Tree daily, you do need to get the two targets near each other for this to work. With the attack, you roll 2 dice and take the best one. Then you roll the high damage on targets. This as help a many a time to deal damaging and killing attacks.

The last item was my
Utility Power choice:

The Yield Ground option sounded good in the begining, but only got used once or twice. With Being a arrow chucker, I was off to the side or in the back and when I did get hit it was by ranged attacks.
Yield Ground only kicks in on melee attacks. This would be the other item I would change.

My Skill choices worked for the character and I do not see any changes that would have help durring the game.

That a my review of my character choices. Now to put the character sheet into the folder and put the folder onto the booksheld with the other RPG book and papers.