Thursday, September 21, 2006

One thing I did on my birthday . . .

I went to get my Driver License renewed. I get a number and waited for a time. I looked up and saw the sign "Cash or Check". I had little cash, most places take the plastic. I lost my place while I got some cash. I got back, took a number and waited longer. Once I got up to the window, it was fast. Updated some info and then waited a few mins to take a new picture.

Waiting was not too bad, with a mp3 player and a cell phone that plays games.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

fd's Flickr Toys

Found a good tool for Flickr user (and other like it). I most cases you need a picture that is online (a Browse... button is offered some time to get the picture off your computer).

fd's Flickr Toys

There are a few ones that I might have a use for:

Create a personalized CD/DVD cover - I could use it on that DVD project I have been meaning to finish.

Framer: Add a customized frame to your digital photographs - There are some nice frames that could be used, I do like the stamp options.

... to name a few.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Flickr recently introduced geotagging to their website, check out the pictures that I have placed. My three main areas I have done are Seattle, Houston and New York area.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My first game convention.

My first game convention was at Dragonflight this last weekend from Friday till Sunday.

Friday started out slow with me going to work. But after work is what I was looking foward to.

Torgoth's Tower 1 (Hero System)
The game started at 7pm with some handouts and blank characters. I was not sure how this was going to work. We were walked thru the creation process, which was easy.

With the Big Book Of All Shtickiness (a reference for character advancement) we picked out our character's race. The standard stuff was a available, but monster races were also available to pick (but only one of the monster type could be used). I wanted to try a monster, quickly chose a Ogre (high strength, but hard to hit with). At this time the game was started in a armor/weapon room with no memory of who they were. There were 3 to 4 tables going on at one time with different GMs, running the group in different locations in the tower. If a player left the area or died he/she would pick up and head over to the other table. As the night went on our character got some of their memory back and progressed in level (which we got to choose Big Book). My Ogre chose to become a Specialist (a Fighter) to get a better to hit roll. With the next advancement I chose Powerhouse (a Wild Fighter) to get the Massive Bludgeon power (does knockback damage to my attack). Durring this time we had two main missions that we were able to win at. The night ended on our group stuck on a puzzle waiting for part 2 the next day.

Next came sleep. A full day at work and and over 4 hours of gaming I knew I would not last a midnight game. There games that sounded good, a GURPS (would like to try it sometime) and Call of Cthulhu (not a game you want to nod off in). Next time I will take that Friday off and rest, so I will be ready for a midnight game.

Next came Saturday, a full day of games.

ReVolver (modified Hero System)
The first game of the day. One part acting (with basic info on the character, making it up as you go) and one part roll playing with stated characters. Good story, my first time playing in a game that used music in it. It sounded good. The game ended basicly on time and with the missing completed. Prizes were randomly given out, I got a Dusty Green/Copper set of 7 dice with the d10 missing. Free stuff is good, I have other d10s I can use.

Torgoth's Tower 2 (Hero System)
The game continued from last night. My Orge advanced two more time, next came Blademaster. My weapon of choice was a Great Club. I got the ok use club instead of a blade, basically renaming it Weaponmaster. The two powers my Orge gained was Sharpen Weapon (adding Armor-Piercing to my club), the second power was Rapid Attack (like the name says, get to attact up to 3 time, depending on the roll). The last upgrade was to Lieutenant (which I used to increase a few stats). The final battle (for our group) came around with a bunch of undead and creatures atacking. We had a plan to get this gold throne cover from a dragon and bash it into pulp. It did look like we were going to attack it, but one of the other players talked to it and made a trade. With a few good hits the item was dead and the main bad guy had a new problem. The main bad guy had his own problem fighting the other 2/3 of the other player and loosing. Time was not on our side, we had gone past the game cut off. We meet almost all of the game goals, Torgoth (the bad guy) would have been take down by on of the player, but fast foward to the end due to time.

Save the porn queens! (Pax Draconis System)
The game was basically a rescue mission. The GM overlooked bringing PreGens so we got make the character. It was easy, but went a little slow with one book and did take away from game time. This is a scifi system and looks to have some good background and history with it. The battle system is different from others I have played it. The battle was towards the end of the game and was a little rushed due to the time for the session comming to a close. The game was fun, for something I have not played. We did rescue the porn stars and got off the planet.

There were a few other games going on at the same time I would liked to play in, but I wanted to try something new.

Hot Springs of Horrors (BESM "Slayers")
I have seen the game books before and was used for anime style game. I thought I would try this out. I know of the Slayers series and seen maybe one episode awhile back. There was a total of three players and the GM. There was a 15 min discussion of the Slayers series (which jumped to different eps and sequels), where I just grinned and nodded. They geeked out. The two other player played the two main lead character and when the game started, they attacked each other (which might be something the character might do). I felt like getting up and head home for the night, but I held up and played on. The second half of the game was a little better and we got to the end of the game about 3am (Sunday). If I play this game again I will play a anime series I know better.

I went home for a few hours of sleep for the 9am game of 7th Sea.

Escape! (7th Sea, d6 ver)
Good turn out on this game, we had 5 player. Everyone had played the game before, except Bob (friend form my Hero game group). PreGens were picked and the game was reviewed. We started on a ship fleeing from a larger ship. We lost them and headed into port. It had been awhile sence I had played the game, it was fun (like seeing a old friend). Some prizes were given out, Bob got voted for best player for the game and picked up a set of dice. The other two item were diced off, I got a Hulk Jiggle Head Pen.

That it for the games I played in. I picked up a Dragonflight Con shirt and preregistered for next years con for $25.00 and also preregistered for ConQuest North West that will be in the same hotel in February 16th thru 19th (Presidents Day Weekend) for $26.00.

On a side note, a few flyers from Dragon's Landing Inn Podcast were left around in a few places at the convention and the "My Other Shirt is Elven Chain +5" shirt from DLI was worn all day Saturday.

Check out my camera phone pictures from Dragonflight 2006.

Mix Master

Check out from Barenaked Ladies:
For the first time in Barenaked Ladies history we are making available for download multitracks of our songs. May we introduce “Easy”, “Wind It Up”, “Bank Job” and “Rule the World With Love” off our upcoming album Barenaked Ladies Are Me. It is our hope that you will remix, re-create, re-edit, re-configure, and realize what you will with these parts in coming up with your own versions. All tracks here are 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files ready for re-mixing. Cost for all tracks of each song is $2.49.

Check out the remix under each of the titles, then click on LISTEN.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Videos on YouTube

OK Go - Here It Goes Again - good use of treadmills.

Barenaked Lades - Easy - from BNL's upcoming album "Barenaked Ladies Are Me"

Fiona Apple - Paper Bag