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Monday, August 31, 2009

The August Post

With posting on twitter, I have not posted as I once posted. For the blog I going to recap the basics of last month.

With Dragonflight, I had some great fun. Played a hand full of RPG games, some with Norm and others that played with at past conventions.
Got some nice freebies, picked up a few good deals on some RPG books and filled out on some D&D minis.

Check out the pictures I took at Dragonflight here.

Loot Figures from Dragonflight

With Comic-Con 2009 over for this year, I am still working on going thur the all the pictures I took. I have uploaded all the pictures from the main floor, the stars that had a booth or were in the autograph area and one of panels I went to. I still have a good number panels shots to review and upload. I should have those up soon.
Check out the Comic-Con Set link here for what I have uploaded so far and check back later for the other picture once I upload them.

Comic-Con 2009 Costumes 01 Lego Comic-Con Logo

Also this month we got some more play time in our newly started Hero System game. We now have 5 games under our belt.

Check out my character blog:

The last note was that my brother has move out of the New York area to live in a house in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The move is complete and they get to play whats in the box.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My time at Comic-Con.

From the blog post on Ninja Robot Dinosaur, I would like to answer some items from my time at Comic-Con.

Top 5 Things to Remember at Comic-Con:

"Buy water and food at a grocery store, not on the floor (it’s expensive and sucks)"

I mostly planed ahead for the time at the convention. Knowing that in most cases that I would be in a panel during lunch. I packed some energy bars and a few snacks for those time. For water, I also brought the On The Go packets and a resealable 16.5 oz container that I filled in the morning or a free water source during the convention. I did check the prices and they were high. I only got one food item at the convention.

"Line-ups and crowds are a fact of life at Comic-Con. Going to comic-con and complaining about line-ups is like going on a cruise and complaining about water."

From what I recall, there were only three time I just walked into a panel. Two of those time the panel was a off main stream topic and the third was half way thru the panel that was mostly full. The other times there was a line. The kind of line that was long, that stopped/started and took some time to go thru (the longest I recall was between a 1 to 2 hr wait to get in. Most of of the panels I wanted to see were in the same room, mostly right after another panel I wanted to see. Once in the room I would stay there. The main area of the convention floor (ie Fox, Marvel, DC booths) were crouded and took some pushing to go thru. Same thing with for the swag. There was always a line for the large bag for the Fox booth. Also some of the booths had autographs with some of the stars, you should see the lines for thoes times. Fact of life for Comic-Con, there will be lines. Have fun, talk to the people next to you, people watch, read a book or play your DS.

"99% of pros at Comic-Con are normal people – don’t be afraid to say hi (the remaining 1% are total nutters though – be afraid, very afraid.)"

The few I talk to were normal and I am glad I did not run into the 1%.

"Don’t be distracted by 50% discount bins – Did you spend over $2000 on flights, hotels and food to save a few hundred dollars on graphic novels?"

I did keep a eye out for some good deals or special items. On the last day I did get 50% off a Doctor Who t-shirt and a good deal on 2 graphic novels. I did not buy much, about half dozen items. But I did come back some good swag.