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Saturday, December 05, 2009

To my Secret Santa

Our family is doing a Secret Santa again this year, I got ****** for my Secret Santa. My brother and his family will be down to Seattle early January, which we celebrate the holidays. Here is the email that was sent out to the family.


I've been very good this year. Here are some things that I'd like. Sorry this took a while to compile.

Arkham Horror (board game) ~$60.00
(can be found local at Uncles Games at Crossroads)

MC Frontalot CDs/MP3
1. Final Boss
2. Secrets From The Future
3. Nerdcore Rising
(The albums can be downloaded from the site above and then can be burned on a CD, save some money for more gifts or a iTune gift card can be given.)

Dawn of Discovery on the DS (Game System) (form Best Buy for a local location)

Memories of the Future - Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton ($19.87)

Sauder #190752 Cherry 2 Shelf Bookcase by SAUDER (~$30.00)
(in the Seattle area, found it at Fred Meyers. UPC 042666015653)

JCPenney gift card for some new stuff to put on.

X-Shaped Rubber Bands (2 boxes) $(not much)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Does not match the post.

For my Character Game Blog for the Hero System RPG, I had made the following post a few weeks ago:
Spent XP

Used 6 XP on some new Area Knowledge of the Westerlands, Far Westerlands and North Mitharia.
. . . and from the post I got the 3 following comments:
Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.

Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.
There were SPAM link with the comments (which I have not posted here).

I found it funny what was entered did not match the simple post I did. It like the poster did not ever read the post.

The SPAM has been deleted and is never to be heard from again.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pen and Paper Games Get-Together

This last Saturday at 2pm was the Pen and Paper Games 3rd Anniversary Get-Together at Games & Gizmos in Redmond. I got there about 2 and a D&D 4th Ed Forgotten Realms game was about to begin.It was a 1st level test game for WotC. Characters were provided, but some people had some 1st level character made up. One character of note was a Drow Assassin called "The Darkness". Of course the joke, "I shoot at The Darkness", came up a few time. The game was fun. For a test game it was ok. Some of the plot points and skill challenges need a little work.

There was pizza & cake provided and a meeting of other gamers.

Some spots opened on another D&D 4th Ed game for the 2nd part of the game. This time 4th Level characters were provided. It was another fun game. My character was only knocked out 3 to 4 time and once rolled a 20 vs Death, which allowed me to use a healing serge. For the big bad guy, I was able to land the final blow to end the game. Yea!

It was a fun day. I look foward to next year's get together.

Check out the pictures from the even I took.

heath_bar's Pen and Paper Games Get-Together photosetheath_bar's Pen and Paper Games Get-Together photoset

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Search and Find

Small version picture listed here for reference,
the larger one has been removed.

Here is the message that turned up on the above picture:
Hi Heath_bar,

I am the girl dressed up as Aeon Flux whose picture you have used without permission. I am asking that you PLEASE remove my image here. I was shocked to find that when a Google Image search is conducted using "Aeon Flux" and "comic con" or "costume", the results link to a photo of me. For the rest of my life, I will remember my attendance and dress at this convention as one of my most shameful moments.

I am a young professional, not a model or entertainer of any sort. I am certainly not someone who seeks profit through using my image and believe it or not, it was not my plan to seek major media exposure when I wore this outfit to Comic Con. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Following the convention, a popular cosplay website asked to use my image, and I respectfully declined. I did not want my image splayed across any website, no matter what type of exposure.

I hope that you appreciate my late yet legitimate wariness. I have a mild online presence and have already been subjected to cyberstalking, having my image posted on pornographic websites, and other questionable net practices as a result of my naive costuming. I trust that you will do the right thing, and respect my wishes by removing my image.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding, from one Aeon Flux fan to another.
A few notes about the above message. One I dislike is being told what I can and can not do. I took the picture in a public place and the person made a choice to dress in the costume. If the request was of just a note to take it down, I would have deleted the message and kept the picture. But due the story and asking it it be removed, I put in a filler picture to keep the spot and the stats of the picture. The story could be just that, a story, but it sounded like the truth (well mostly). For this post I have a small version of the picture (with a basic name) to go with the story. See below for the filler and the direct link (if you want to click on it).

Aeon Flux

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Birthday List

My Birthday list for the year 2009.

HERO System 6th Edition: Character Creation $39.99

Mort by Terry Pratchett (Book)
Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett (Book)

Wraith Recon by Mongoose Publishing $34.99

Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 3 (2009) DVD ~$39.99

Gift Card from Best Buy or Half Price Books

Monday, August 31, 2009

The August Post

With posting on twitter, I have not posted as I once posted. For the blog I going to recap the basics of last month.

With Dragonflight, I had some great fun. Played a hand full of RPG games, some with Norm and others that played with at past conventions.
Got some nice freebies, picked up a few good deals on some RPG books and filled out on some D&D minis.

Check out the pictures I took at Dragonflight here.

Loot Figures from Dragonflight

With Comic-Con 2009 over for this year, I am still working on going thur the all the pictures I took. I have uploaded all the pictures from the main floor, the stars that had a booth or were in the autograph area and one of panels I went to. I still have a good number panels shots to review and upload. I should have those up soon.
Check out the Comic-Con Set link here for what I have uploaded so far and check back later for the other picture once I upload them.

Comic-Con 2009 Costumes 01 Lego Comic-Con Logo

Also this month we got some more play time in our newly started Hero System game. We now have 5 games under our belt.

Check out my character blog:

The last note was that my brother has move out of the New York area to live in a house in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The move is complete and they get to play whats in the box.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My time at Comic-Con.

From the blog post on Ninja Robot Dinosaur, I would like to answer some items from my time at Comic-Con.

Top 5 Things to Remember at Comic-Con:

"Buy water and food at a grocery store, not on the floor (it’s expensive and sucks)"

I mostly planed ahead for the time at the convention. Knowing that in most cases that I would be in a panel during lunch. I packed some energy bars and a few snacks for those time. For water, I also brought the On The Go packets and a resealable 16.5 oz container that I filled in the morning or a free water source during the convention. I did check the prices and they were high. I only got one food item at the convention.

"Line-ups and crowds are a fact of life at Comic-Con. Going to comic-con and complaining about line-ups is like going on a cruise and complaining about water."

From what I recall, there were only three time I just walked into a panel. Two of those time the panel was a off main stream topic and the third was half way thru the panel that was mostly full. The other times there was a line. The kind of line that was long, that stopped/started and took some time to go thru (the longest I recall was between a 1 to 2 hr wait to get in. Most of of the panels I wanted to see were in the same room, mostly right after another panel I wanted to see. Once in the room I would stay there. The main area of the convention floor (ie Fox, Marvel, DC booths) were crouded and took some pushing to go thru. Same thing with for the swag. There was always a line for the large bag for the Fox booth. Also some of the booths had autographs with some of the stars, you should see the lines for thoes times. Fact of life for Comic-Con, there will be lines. Have fun, talk to the people next to you, people watch, read a book or play your DS.

"99% of pros at Comic-Con are normal people – don’t be afraid to say hi (the remaining 1% are total nutters though – be afraid, very afraid.)"

The few I talk to were normal and I am glad I did not run into the 1%.

"Don’t be distracted by 50% discount bins – Did you spend over $2000 on flights, hotels and food to save a few hundred dollars on graphic novels?"

I did keep a eye out for some good deals or special items. On the last day I did get 50% off a Doctor Who t-shirt and a good deal on 2 graphic novels. I did not buy much, about half dozen items. But I did come back some good swag.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con is Over.

I got back home (Bellevue, WA) last night. Took it easy and watched some TV. I have the next two day off to relax and reflect on Comic-Con. Currently I am going thru my swag and loot I came back with and next I will be going thru the pictures I took.

Now for the numbers.

By my count I took 931 pictures. More than half are shots of the panels. The others are stuff at the con, costume shots and other things.

I made it to 15 panels.

I missed, did not go or could not get in for 9 panels.

For 2 of the panels I get in half way thru or left half way thru the panel.

Time was not wasted, I was ether standing in line for a panel or down on the convention floor walking around picking up swag or looking around.

Will post a few other posts about Comic-Con. I will be working on sorting thru the pictures I took to upload them to flickr.

Check out my twitter post during the convention here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What to do at ComicCon 2009

Below is a list of what looked good to me with some overlap of panels for full rooms and below this is the description of the panels as they show on the Comic-Con web site.

Wednesday, July 22

6:00-9:00 Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings— Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly present exclusive pilot premiere screenings of some of the most buzzed-about new TV series of the 2009–2010 season—Human Target, V, and The Vampire Diaries—as well as an exclusive preview trailer for additional upcoming shows.
Ballroom 20

Thursday, July 23

12:45-1:45 Disney: Stan Lee's Time Jumper Don't miss Stan Lee and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment as they present a special sneak peek of their new digital motion comic series Time Jumper. Comic book legend Stan Lee is joined by Natasha Henstridge (one of the character voices in Time Jumper), Omar Ponce (writer), and Anthony Diecidue (artist) for a Q&A session.
Room 6BCF

1:30-2:30 LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Ten years ago in a galaxy not far away LEGO and Star Wars came together! Find out how such an amazing partnership was formed from Jonathan Rinzler (executive editor, Lucasfilm) and Rob Johnson (art director, The LEGO Group), while Simon Beecroft (author and publishing manager, DK Publishing) doles out all sorts of information on the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. Collectors and fans won't want to miss the unveiling of the exclusive LEGO Star Wars minifigure that will be released with the book on October 10. The first 50 attendees will receive DK swag and be entered to win a LEGO Star Wars set and a free copy of LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary
Room 8

2:30-3:30 DVD/Blu-ray Producers 2009: Now in Glorious High-Definition!— Bill Hunt, Adam Jahnke, and Todd Doogan (of The Digital, talk about the latest DVD and Blu-ray developments with some of the leading special-edition producers in Hollywood! Panelists include Robert Meyer Burnett (The Hills Run Red, Free Enterprise: The Wrath of Shatner), Laura Gross (Coraline, 9), Charles de Lauzirika (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood), David Naylor (Fringe, Bad Lieutenant), and Cliff Stephenson (Crank 2: High Voltage, Gamer). You can expect inside talk, a Q&A, and a sneak peek at great upcoming discs!
Room 7AB

2:30-3:30 USA Network's Burn Notice Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe), Matt Nix (creator and executive producer) and Alfredo Barrios, Jr. (co-executive producer) host a panel discussion and answer questions about the creative process of evolving an embryonic idea into a finished episode of cable's #1 hit show. Fans will gain an intimate look inside the world of Burn Notice, complete with war stories from the writer's room and filming on location in Miami. Exclusive video content will include tips on how to survive Comic-Con from your favorite burned spy, Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan), highlights from the previous two seasons, and an exclusive sneak peek at future season 3 episodes, including the half-season finale and beyond.
Ballroom 20

3:00-4:00 Robot Chicken with Titan Maximum Seth Green (co-creator, Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum), Matthew Senreich (co-creator, Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum), Tom Root (head writer, Robot Chicken/co-creator, Titan Maximum) and Doug Goldstein (head writer, Robot Chicken) with Chris McKay, Breckin Meyer, Kevin Shinick, Mike Fasolo, and Dan Milano discuss the popular Adult Swim series Robot Chicken. They will also discuss the upcoming new stop-motion animated series Titan Maximum,Keith Crofford, vice president of Adult Swim production.
Room 6A

4:15-5:15 Cartoon Network: Chowder! The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack! Adventure Time with Finn and Jake! This panel celebrates three of the best comedies from Cartoon Network Studios. First up is a sweet treat with Chowder, including special guests C. H. Greenblatt (creator) and Tara Strong (voice of Truffles). Then set sail with The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and creator Thurop Van Orman (voice of Flapjack) and Steve Little (writer, voice of fan favorite Dr. Barber). Finally, hold onto your seats for a sneak peek of the new series Adventure Time with Finn and Jake with creator Pendelton Ward. It's algebraic!
Room 6A

4:30-5:15 Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of both Comic-Con and Monty Python, we welcome the sole American Python, the great animator and director Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits, Brazil, 12 Monkeys) to introduce you to his new film starring Christopher Plummer, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Verne Troyer, Tom Waits, and Lily Cole. Dr. Parnassus is a fabulous anachronism, touring the streets of modern-day London in a horse-drawn carnival wagon accompanied by his beautiful daughter, devoted dwarf, and neophyte barker. On stage Parnassus plays a holy man whose Imaginarium can realize the innermost fantasies of all who dare to enter. Backstage, he is a drunkard, a gambler who centuries ago lost a wager with the Devil and must now pony up with his daughter once she turns sixteen. Tomorrow. Yet, there may still be hope for the Doctor and Valentina in the person of Tony, a well-dressed amnesic they rescue from a perilous fate and invite into their world of unrelenting magic and possibility.
Hall H

upon its release. slated to premiere on Adult Swim this fall. Join this meet-up of show creators, writers and voice actors for a Q&A, moderated by Nighttime Programs
8:00-10:00 Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog The California Browncoats host a screening of the original three acts, followed immediately by Commentary! The Musical. See why Joss Whedon's (Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) first foray into webisodic "television" was the talk of the town with critics and fans alike in 2008. Be prepared for a night of singing and surprises hosted by the fans who know what you like best. Dr. Horrible stars Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly), and Felicia Day (The Guild) and is written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon (Dollhouse), Zack Whedon (Fringe), and Maurissa Tancharoen (Dollhouse). Room 6A

Friday, July 24

10:15-11:15 Farscape 10th Anniversary Panel— Brian Henson (executive producer/ director), Rockne O'Bannon (creator/writer), Ben Browder (John Crichton) and Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) reunite to celebrate the beginning of this landmark series, share exciting news, and answer questions
Room 6BCF

10:30-11:30 Stargate Universe A new chapter of the Stargate saga begins with the Syfy original series Stargate Universe. Stars Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush), Brian J. Smith (1st Lt. Matthew Scott), Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong), David Blue (Eli Wallace), Alaina Huffman (1st Lt. Tamara Johansen), Jamil Walker Smith (Master Sergeant Ronald Greer), and Ming-Na (Camile Wray) join series co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper to take you through a gate you've never seen before.
Ballroom 20

1:00-2:00 The Big Bang Theory Screening and Q&A— Bazinga! Your favorite scientists and girl-next-door are back as The Big Bang Theory returns to Comic-Con with a special screening and Q&A with the show's creators and stars. Come chat with executive producers Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men) and Bill Prady (Dharma & Greg), as well as series stars Johnny Galecki (Roseanne), Jim Parsons (Garden State), Kaley Cuoco (Charmed), Simon Helberg (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog), and Kunal Nayyar (NCIS). From Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television, The Big Bang Theory airs Mondays at 9:30 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network. The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season is released on DVD September 15.
Ballroom 20

3:00-3:45 Bones Showrunner Hart Hanson and stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are on hand for a discussion of what's on deck for Booth and Brennan, hot on the heels of this year's much talked-about season finale in which the pair finally wound up between the sheets.
Ballroom 20

3:15-4:15 Eureka— Eureka is back this summer with all new episodes, and Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake), Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo), and Jaime Paglia (executive producer/co-creator) are stopping by to let you in on the fun. Moderated by Josh Gates (Destination Truth).
Room 6BCF

4:00-5:15 Dollhouse Join Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon and star/producer Eliza Dushku for a no-holds-barred Q & A about what they have planned for season 2, after they unveil a special screening of the never-before-seen "Epitaph One" episode of the Fox hit, which releases on DVD just four days later.
Ballroom 20

4:30-5:30 Buck Rogers 80th Anniversary— Hermes Press celebrates Buck Rogers' 80th anniversary with a panel presenting guests discussing Buck Rogers in print, on television, and in film, including plans for a new movie. Join Flint Dille (Transformers), Daniel HermanNick Barrucci (Dynamite publisher), actors Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers from Buck Rogers) and Erin Gray (Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers), and author Chris Irving (From Four Color to Silver Screen: The History of Superhero Movie Serials) for a discussion and Q&A.
Room 4

5:45-7:15 DC Universe Animated Super Powers: Green Lantern: First Flight and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Get the inside scoop on the next two action-packed entries in the popular series of DC Universe animated original PG-13 films, Green Lantern: First Flight and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Hal Jordan's first full-length adventure, Green Lantern: First Flight, brings together executive producer Bruce Timm (Superman Doomsday), casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano (DC Universe films), director Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman), writer Alan Burnett (The Batman), and voice talent Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) and Juliet Landau (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to discuss and show film clips from the all-new film set for release on July 28. Then, Timm and Romano will be joined by supervising producer Michael Goguen (Justice League: The New Frontier), director Sam Liu (The Batman), and writer Stan Berkowitz (Justice League: The New Frontier), for the first-ever footage and public discussion of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Kevin Conroy, the undisputed benchmark voice of Batman, joins the panel for his first Comic-Con appearance in six years! Based on the popular Jeff Loeb/Ed McGuinness comic series/graphic novel, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies finds U.S. President Lex Luthor using the oncoming trajectory of a kryptonite asteroid to frame Superman and declare a $1 billion bounty on the heads of the Man of Steel and his "partner in crime," Batman. Superheroes and supervillains alike launch a relentless pursuit of Superman and Batman, who must unite—and recruit super help—to stave off the action-packed onslaught, stop the asteroid, and uncover Luthor's devious plot to take command of far more than North America. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be distributed by Warner Home Video in fall 2009. The movie reunites the lead voices from the landmark Superman: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series—Conroy, Tim Daly (Private Practice) and Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption) reprise their roles as Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor, respectively. Other members of the cast are expected to join the panel, as well. DC Comics senior VP of creative affairs Gregory Noveck moderates.
Room 6BCF

Nighttime Programs
8:30-10:30 Syfy Screening— Warehouse 13 and Eureka air every week on Syfy, but only Comic Con fans can see them on the big screen. Join Syfy for an exclusive screening of the next all new episodes of the summer's two hottest series along with best of clips from Ghost Hunters.
Room 6DE

(Hermes Press publisher), Saturday, July 25

10:00-11:00 Chuck Screening and Q&A— Chuck returns to Comic-Con! executive producers and co-creators Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl) and Chris Fedak are joined by series stars Zachary Levi (upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks ), Yvonne Strahovski (upcoming I Love You Too), Joshua Gomez (Without a Trace), Ryan McPartlin (Super Capers), Mark Christopher Lawrence ( The Pursuit of Happyness ), Vik Sahay ( This Is Wonderland ) , Scott Krinsky ( The O.C. ), Sarah Lancaster ( Everwood ) , and Adam Baldwin (Serenity) for a Q&A to discuss season three and screen an exclusive retrospective highlight reel. Plus, don't miss a special surprise from some of your favorite characters! Produced by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television, Chuck airs Mondays at 8:00 PM ET/PT on NBC.
Ballroom 20

11:15-12:00 Family Guy Seth MacFarlane and the brilliant creative minds behind Family Guy present a raucous discussion of what goes on behind the scenes of TV's most subversive animated hit. They'll also be offering a not-to-be-missed sneak peek at "Something, Something Dark Side," the Empire Strikes Back parody follow-up to Star Wars: Blue Harvest. Giggity!
Ballroom 20

12:00-1:00 The Cleveland Show! Comic-Con fans will get the first look at The Cleveland Show, the wickedly funny new spinoff from Family Guy starring America's favorite beleaguered animated African American, Cleveland Brown. Co-creators Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, and Rich Appel and voice castmembers Sana'a Lathan and Kevin Michael Richardson
Ballroom 20

1:00-1:45 Futurama: Life or Death?!— Be a part of sci-fi history! Join executive producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and stars Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, and Maurice LaMarche for high-stakes thrills as a top-ranking FOX executive decides live, on stage, whether Futurama will make yet another triumphant return or whether it is gone forever! The very fate of Futurama hangs in the balance! Paramedics will be standing by in case the intense excitement causes any panelists to collapse. Raucous celebration or abject despair to follow the news.
Ballroom 20

1:45-2:30 The Simpsons Now entering its record-breaking 21st season on the air, The Simpsons is the longest-running series in the history of American television and a household name around the world. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what's coming up in the Simpsonverse, including never-before-seen highlights from the upcoming "Treehouse of Horror XX," with a panel including Simpsons creator Matt Groening, showrunner Al Jean, executive producer Matt Selman, and supervising director Mike Anderson.
Ballroom 20

2:45-3:45 V Pilot Screening and Q&A— Already one of the most talked-about new series of the upcoming television season, catch a special screening of the pilot episode of V, a re-imagining of the groundbreaking miniseries, followed by a Q&A with stars Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Morris Chestnut (The Cave), Joel Gretsch (The 4400), Morena Baccarin(Firefly), and Scott Wolf (Go), along with executive producers Scott Peters (The 4400), Jeffrey BellAlias), Steve Pearlman (Related) and Jace Hall (Chadam). From HDFilms in association with Warner Bros. Television, V will premiere midseason on the ABC Television Network.
Ballroom 20

4:00-5:00 Fringe Screening and Q&A— Fringe cast members Anna Torv (upcoming The Pacific), Josh Jackson (Shutter), and John Noble (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) appear with consulting producers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and executive producers Jeff Pinkner (Lost) and J. H. Wyman (Keen Eddie) for a Q&A with fans and an exclusive video presentation. Join the discussion of this critically acclaimed thriller, which explores the ever-blurring line between science fiction and reality, where hybrid monsters tear through sewers, thieves walk through walls and portals open to worlds unknown. From Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Fringe airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET/PT this fall on FOX, premiering September 17. Fringe: The Complete First Season will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Hi Def September 8.
Ballroom 20

Nighttime Programs
7:15-8:15 Myth Busters Q&A and Sneak Peeks— The series called "the best science program on television" by the New York Times returns for its second year at Comic-Con. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are joined by Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara to discuss their offbeat series that uses science to determine the truth behind urban legends. Adam, Jamie, Grant and Tory will answer questions and share behind-the-scenes stories and showcase world premiere sneak peeks of upcoming myths. MythBusters airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM E/P on Discovery Channel.
Room 6BCF

8:30-12:15 Watchmen: Director's Cut—Live with Zack Snyder! Plus Sneak Peek of Batman: Arkham Asylum with Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy— Get the ultimate inside track on two landmark Warner Bros. releases with the world premiere screening of Watchmen: Director's Cut and a first-look panel for the breakout Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment game Batman: Arkham Asylum. The festivities will open with a Batman: Arkham Asylum panel led by the benchmark voices of Batman and the Joker, Kevin ConroyBatman: The Animated Series) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars), as well as award-winning writer Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series). Then Watchmen director Zack Snyder, legendary illustrator Dave Gibbons and actor Jackie Earle Haley discuss the nuances of the film's Director's Cut— which hit stores on July 21. And for the pièce de résistance, Snyder will host a BD Live Community event—providing a real-time, in-person director's commentary for Comic-Con attendees (and BD Live viewers at home) as the film rolls. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions of Snyder via computer kiosks within the room, making for an entirely interactive viewing experience.
Room 6BCF

will all be on hand to discuss this new series premiering on Fox in the fall. ( ( Sunday, July 26

10:00-11:00 Dr. Who Actor David Tennant, writer/executive producer Russell T Davies, director Euros Lyn, and executive producer Julie Gardner discuss their creative process and experiences working on BBC America's Doctor Who—television's longest-running sci-fi series—with exclusive clips and a Q&A session.
Ballroom 20

11:15-12:15 American Dad Showrunners Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman and stars Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schall, and Dee Bradley Baker are back to regale the fans with an insider's look at how an episode of the hilarious Fox animated comedy is made, from table read to animatic to color. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind Comic-Con event.
Ballroom 20

2:15-3:45 BBC America: Being Human/Torchwood You won't want to miss these special back-to-back panels on Being Human and Torchwood! Being Human creator Toby Whithouse and cast members Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner appear on stage to give an inside look at BBC America's U.S. premier sci-fi drama about the lives of three twentysomethings and their secret double-lives—as a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost. Following that
Torchwood actor John Barrowman, creator/writer/executive producer Russell T Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner, and director Euros Lyn talk about the making of the epic five-night television event Torchwood: Children of Earth as well as take questions from the fans.
Ballroom 20


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Links of Twitter

Over the last day or so a few links of and about twitter have shown up. He are the ones I found on twitter in one place.

  1. The 10 Twitter Commandments
  2. How addicted to Twitter are you?
  3. 100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter
  4. 101 RPG geeks you should follow on Twitter

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The meet up in New York

The trip was from June 17th thru the 21st. This was the best time that fit everyone's schedule.

With me traveling from Seattle to New York, its a all day trip, I got there the day before everyone else and spent some resting. I got to spend some time with my brother and my new nephew.

We were all meeting up at Chad's place, they all got there Thursday night for some cold pizza and a few game of Apples to Apples as a ice breaker game. Fun was had by all.

The next day we went to Ground Zero, Liberty Island and to the Top of the Rock. We meet up with Chad, went back to the apartment and started our Warhammer game. For a game we have not played in 10+ years, we picked it up slowly again. We got a good 5 or so hours of play and it looked like about 20% the way thru the adventure. More to play when we get together again in a year or two. To save on travel time Chad spent the night on the couch for a few hours of sleep.

We got up when we got up, picked up put rent a car and headed to play some paintball at Paintball Arena in New York. Last time I had played was sometime in 1991 (I think). We brought what stuff we had and rented the paintguns and masks. We played in a indoor arena, a first for me. For most of the games, we played on the same side. Running, shooting and getting hit. Not all in that order sometimes. We had fun in a game we had not played in a long time and I walked away with only 14 bruises.

Durring out trip we talked about old and new time, like old time. We plan to make a habbit of this and head over to my neck of the woods (Seattle) when next we meet up in a year or so.

See the pictures I took here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The game of old.

Currently I am in New York seeing my brother and meeting up with some childhood friends. We are planing to have a old school game of Warhammer (the '86 RPG ver). Most of the characters are created, down on paper or in some one's head. The GM has a adventure in mind for us to go thru. As he has stated, it has been many moons from the last time he has played the game. We will most likely be playing most of this by ear.

The name for my Dwarf that I came up with is Rustfist Redforge.

See my game blog for other notes about the game:

We shall see how this turns out.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Creation of a character

I have a few posts on my game blog so far. They are on character creation and some ideas on what could be. Our GM has the Hero Designer Software and entered most of our characters to find the totals. Due to time, I had email the changes I wanted with my character and currently waiting for the outcome to tweak to my liking.

Character Creation

I have also fooled with the design of the blog. The bloging software has been updated and I find I like the changes. I have tweaked the theme, added a picture and arranged the side bar as it looks good to me. For now I will let it sit and see how I feel about it later.

See the game blog here.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The End is here.

This story has ended.

Our old Hero System has ended (on 10-10-08) and will not be continued. My blog for the game/character will not be updated and I have added my last post on it with most of what I have posted here.

We next played the Keep on the Shadowfell, a 4th Ed Dungeons & Dragons adventure. The game was well played and our character lived to fight other battles.

We have gained a total of 5 player now and we have begun a new Hero System game. We are at the character building time and the plot will begin to twist soon.

As with any ending, there are beginning.

A new blog for the game has been started. There is very little in it at this time.

I will list below my blog and any others that are started by the other player.

Kross the ????? of the Pakasa/Dumawe

Perrol the Bard Half-Elf

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Character Review

Our 4th Ed D&D game is over. We completed the Keep on the Shadowfell and want to start something different. We are restarting our Hero System back up, now with more players.

With my character being mothballed, I wanted to reflect on the choices I used for the Feats, At-Wills, Encounter, Daily and Utility Powers.

My character was a Ranger and I had fun.

D&D Game 01-09-09 (7)

First off are the Feats:

Defensive Mobility: It helped some when the attacker came to me when I was off to the side pelting them with some arrows.
Lethal Hunter: A great benefit with my Hunter's Quarry target.
Elven Precision: It helped when I got to re-roll one of my attacks for Elven Accuracy
Distant Advantage: We leveled up our character for the last battle and did not get a chance to use this at all. With past battle in mind. I think it could be put to good use.

Next would be

Wit the two at will I had, Careful Attack and Twin Strike, I found out I mostly used the Twin Strike attack. You have two chances to attack and most of the time you would hit with one of the attacks. A few time you could hit with both. I could see using Careful Attack with Distant Advantage to get the To Hit bonus up to +4, but never got a chance to try it out.

Next would be
Encounter Powers:

The two power that I used were Two-Fanged Strike and Thundertusk Boar Strike. With
Two-Fanged Strike it helped out some, it is like Twin Strike, as you attack twice, but has the possibility of a little more damage. Almost all the time I used this power I only hit the one time that boosted the damage a little. This would be a power I would change if I remade the character.

With Thundertusk Boar Strike, it attacks twice. The option of this was that it also pushes the target it it hits. I used this many a time to get the target in the right place.

Next on the list is the Daily Powers:

With Split the Tree daily, you do need to get the two targets near each other for this to work. With the attack, you roll 2 dice and take the best one. Then you roll the high damage on targets. This as help a many a time to deal damaging and killing attacks.

The last item was my
Utility Power choice:

The Yield Ground option sounded good in the begining, but only got used once or twice. With Being a arrow chucker, I was off to the side or in the back and when I did get hit it was by ranged attacks.
Yield Ground only kicks in on melee attacks. This would be the other item I would change.

My Skill choices worked for the character and I do not see any changes that would have help durring the game.

That a my review of my character choices. Now to put the character sheet into the folder and put the folder onto the booksheld with the other RPG book and papers.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

To play games in New York.

With the New York trip next month. I am going over my game that could play 5 or more player (and that does not take too much space in the suitcase).

Here are the games I have that fit the bill:

  • The Great Dalmuti (4-8 players)
  • James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game (3-6 players)
  • Monty Python Fluxx (2-6 players)
  • Inn-Fighting, D&D Dice Game (3-6 players)
  • Citadels (2-7 players)
  • Castle (2-5 players)
  • Super Munchkin (3-6 players)
  • Wing of War (2-6 players) [ Update: Played the game the other night. A good game, but looks like this I will not bring it. ]
  • Give Me The Brain (3-8 players)
  • Rorschach: The Inkblot Party Game (3-8 players) [ New Game: Looked like a good and fast playing party game to bring on the trip. ]
I am also looking what game I could get/purchase (that does not take too much space in the suitcase).

Any suggestions?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Use of a Group Template

This or part of it is for use in a Group Template for our next Hero System game that is to start soon.

Personal Background: Mixed
Character Types: Mixed
Character Jobs/Classes: Mixed

Location: Small City/Large Town

Common Background: In order to gain status (ie Vote, Own Land, Hold Title) in the town/city a length of time is needed to spent in the Town/City Guard. A time of 1 to 2 years till they could leave or reenlist. During this time our group met and worked together.

Possible basic skills learned:
Area Knowledge: Home Region
Area Knowledge: Home City
Weapon Familiarity: Common Melee Weapons
Weapon Familiarity: Common Missile Weapons

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thinking about the next game.

After our D&D game last Friday night, the topic of the next game came up. Looking for a fantasy game with about a mid-level magic/power range. Looks like we would be making new characters with a power level that has yet to be determined as of yet. Looks like there could be a choice of different races other than human. We will we using the Group Template that has been talked about on the Fear The Boot Podcast. As for the world, it might be some version of the world we played in before or something brand new. Time will tell.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My time at Sakura-Con

It started out on a Thursday after work. Me and Rich headed over to the Convention Center to pick up the weekend pass and have Rich drop off some of his art for the Art Show. We made good time and found a parking spot. We got our weekend badge with around a 20 min wait in line, which went fast with the book I was reading. Headed over to the Art Show room to find they need some help with the stand ups they use to display the art on. It took about 2 hours to get them standing and ready to be used, after that we headed on home to get some rest for the next day.

Put Together

We got to the Con around 11:30 am on Friday, before the dealer’s room opened. Rich set himself up at Artist Alley while I waited in a line for the Exhibitors' Hall to open. From last year, things were moved around. The Exhibitors' Hall and the Registration were next together, which gave a lot of foot traffic to the Artist Alley which was right outside the two rooms. I did my look around the Exhibitors' Hall and found the isles well spaced and easy to walk thru and with the traffic the con had it was needed. After my rounds in the Exhibitors' Hall, I went and looked around. I found the Main Stage, the Autograph area and the Video Rooms. From the layout of last year, the Video Rooms were above the Main Room (were the Concerts were), not below. So when the Concerts were playing the wall did not vibrate. The day was mostly walking around the main floor area or outside taking pictures of the people in costumes and when I needed to get off my feet, I headed back to the Artist Alley or headed up to the Video Rooms, if there was anything good playing.

Location - Artist Alley
Location - South Lobby

Saturday was planed as a full day for me, with getting to the Con about 9:30am and leaving well past midnight. With some more walking, picture taking, sitting, video watching and eating (not all in that order) the day was enjoyed. With night time here, the Main Stage was full of people jamming to the DJ waiting for to play. At one point glow sticks and such were tossed from the stage and I was lucky to get a rebound off the ceiling into my hands. The place was jumping, you could literally feel the music. For a white boy that can not dance, I think I did good. I just copied the people around which was basically jumping up and down, waiving your hands (like you don't care) or doing a fist pump. My feet started to be a pain and I took off to the Video Rooms for some sit down time. After some time I got a text from Rich that it was time to call it a night.

Naruto Character Me and Rich at Sat Night concert Major Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Sunday was another day. If you wanted to be technical it wad the same day, just with five hours of sleep. We got there a little before the Exhibitors' Hall opened. They had pre-registration open for next year for just $30.00 for the full weekend. I grabbed the paperwork and head for the short line. With one person on the window, it took some time, around 30 min if I recall correctly. With the pre-registration done, I went thru the Exhibitors' Hall one last time to see if I missed anything and then did some more walking, picture taking, sitting, video watching with the day ending around 6pm.

Mazinger Z Master Shake Cup Noodles

For the anime that was showing in the theaters, I wish I had planed a little better to catch some of the ones that I missed. I did catch Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, some Code Geass, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and some Shin-chan.

One thing I can say about the Exhibitors' Hall is keep a eye on what they have available. I picked up a few figures one day and looked for them the next finding they had sold out. Another item I found was at a good price of $6.00. I went back the next day to pick a few more up to find the cost showing was $70.00. Looked like I got a great deal on the one I did picked up. I should have picked up the full set of 4 at the $6.00 cost the first day. Keep your eyes open.

The item that I got a lot of work out of, was the digital camera I got for Christmas. I tried out a few of the setting to find they worked out great for what I needed them for. A few of the pictures came out bad, but that is what the delete button is for.

This was the first time doing the full weekend at Sakura-Con and I had a great time. Took over 400+ pictures. Went over my spending budget (a little) and got a chibi charature done of my self.

. . . and I am doing this again next year.

(Currently uploading the pictures I took at Sakura-Con up to flickr, you can see the growing pictures here.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My time at Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon was last weekend. I did not go the full weekend, just Saturday. I car pooled with Rich, a friend from work, that was in the Artest Alley and got my tickets at the door. From last year it seemed bigger and better. I found some items I had been looking for (four Mighty Muggs) and some item I did not know till I spoted them (two art prints: <1> <2>). I spent the day looking around and taking some pictures.
Wil Wheaton was again at Emerald City Comicon. After I got in the door I headed over media guest area. There was a short line of about 6 to 7 people to see, talk, get and have stuff signed. It was my turn. We shaked hands, told him that I did the composite of his Criminal Minds ep that his posted on his blog. I got that picture signed, a picture of him last year, his first book and got a copy of Sunken Treasure (that he signed, as you can see here). He handed them back and good bye. It was not till a few munites later that I relised that I had not paid him for the Sunken Treasure book. I went back from where I exited the line and handed him the money for the book. From Will I got a "Thanks for being honest." from him as I left.
The convention closed and I left. I had fun and I will come back next year.

Scarlet Witch Hellboy Junior and Little Abe Sapien

See my picture set from the convention here.

Next: My weekend at SakuraCon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The choices for the game.

After our D&D game last night, we talked about how we have around 5 or some games till we finish the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure. After D&D we are planing on going back to our HERO game, but now with more players. We have one confirmed player, one player that fit in but due to work plays in about half the game and the last player is new to gaming and still has not found his grove. With the two original players (that includes me) and the one confirmed player we are looking at a minimum of 3 players and a GM.

Questions came up for characters and the game world.

With the characters I saw three options:
  1. We keep our characters (powers/level),
  2. Make new characters or
  3. We power down our characters.

With the game, it was decided we stick with a fantasy setting, but with the story I came up with another three options:
  1. We continue the story where we left off with some minor adjustments,
  2. We jump ahead in time in the game world and restart the story from there or
  3. We start over from scratch.

Time will tell on what we do.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My day at Worldwide D&D Game Day

Saturday was Worldwide D&D Game Day.

I got to the game store about 11am and waited around for a bit for a second GM to appear. The game started about 11:30am with a full table. The first encounter started with the players getting use to the new character classes. Hit were traded and the enemy took most of the damage. We won. Someone from Wizards (that works on D&D Insider) showed up to talk, ask questions and watch our game for a while. He even spotted my dice shirt I had on for the game day done by Wil Wheaton and he asked if I have heard about the current D&D podcast with the D&D game with Wil.
With the second encounter it started out normally till someone started to play with fire in the mill and the grain dust exploded. There was fire everywhere. We finished the encounter off the map.
The third encounter was not as tougth as I thought it would be. The monster was defeated in no time. Speaking of time, it took somewhere around 4 to 5 hours to finish the 2 to 3 hour game that it said it would take.
The game was fun and enjoyable, we even got to keep our minis and some of the others that used in the game.

Chech out some pictures I snaped with my cell phone of our game.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To rebuy or not to rebuy.

A few weeks ago I got a Blu-ray player. With some new movies out, I have picked up the Blu-ray verison of the new movie. The question that I have is, should I rebuy the Blu-ray verison of some of my favorite movies. With my Blu-ray player, it says that it will improve the resolution of a standard, making it a little better.

The one move that I purchased again was WALL-E. The reasons I came up with for the rebuy was:
  1. It was on sale.
  2. Blu-ray only features.
  3. One of my favorite movies.
The main turn off is that you are spending more money for a movie you already have in your collection and it probably have the same features the DVD verison has. If it has "Blu-ray only features" it might catch my eye.

To those who read this, what do you think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new start.

Last week I got a new phone, LG-9100, the enV2. The screen size is different from the prev one. The internal only had a small adjustment, while the external was much smaller and had to have adjustment. Here is the current wallpaper I am using. Fell free to use. All I ask, if you can, leave a comment.

Ghost In The Shell
- Online Screen (wallpaper)
GITS - Online Screen (wallpaper)
My current external wallpaper.

Ghost In The Shell - Group (wallpaper)
GITS - Group (wallpaper)
My current internal wallpaper.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me and ConQuest

This year ConQuest was not as close as it was last year. I did not know where the place was directly, it took a little longer to find the place. I missed the first game I had planed, it filled up and had already started.

I had a chance to look around and found a miniatures game called Golden Age of Hydroplane Racing. Fun game, played a game, came in second in the race and went around again to see what others were playing. One of the players of Hydroplane Racing game was someone I played a game with last year and after some time talking, some others showed up. It was a lunch time and we ended up at Denny's for some food.

We decided to try our hand out at the next game that I had planed to try which was called Savage Traveller and was hosted by Steve Schonberger using the Savage Worlds system. For the game all I can say was, good try. Steve did not know Savage Worlds too well, he used money as a prop when he did not have to, items need for the game was not provided and mapping when need, did not work. We each ended up playing a few characters each and with the plot, there were these robots that could only be killed by one of our many players. The game ended when it was decided that we could not continue, we packed up and left. It was a little fun with the other players, but not too enjoyable.

The next game I planed on was a Call of Cthulhu game. I was the only played to signed up for it. We gave it some time, but no one else showed. The game was reschedule for 9am Sunday. There was another Call of Cthulhu game going on next door. We moved on over and played the game. For a first time game master, Adam knew his stuff and hosted a great game. It was not till the end game that I recalled I had played this long ago, but this came out with a different out come. The night ended with me heading home to get some sleep.

Sunday started out cold with me deicing the car.
The drive was not uneventfully. The entry ramp was icy and had already had one car slide into the side bumpers. Take the ramp slow, my car did skid a little and was able to get around the accident and not add to it. On the freeway there were some slow downs also. Some how a car had ended up on its side, bring the road down to one lane. I got the con at a little after 9am to make the Call of Cthulhu game that was original schedule last night, called Mystic Alliances by Kamal Lombardi. Counting me, there were a total of two players. The game was enjoyable. Could have been planed out a little better. The characters sheet were put together on a copy machine, info was spread out and some times missing. Handout were good, but they had game master info on them. Nowadays computers are widely available, he could have done some typesetting and greatly improved the game feel. This was a home brew game and even had a magic components to it, which I did not even use. Basically a good game.
The last game of the day called The League of Extraordinary Cats by Sophie Lagace using a system called Cat, which we play . . . cats. A great game and enjoyable story. I had held onto my character from last year and was able to play him with a few minor adjustment. A nice item that she continued with was little cat miniatures to get a feel for our characters (and we were able to keep them.)
Overall a good convention. There were not a lot of role playing games (excluding D&D) to chose from, but fun was had.

(Picture will be added soon. Just need to upload them to Flickr.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ConQuest is near

The game convention will be this next weekend and for the RPG part of it, here are some the possable option that I may go to.

Time Block H: Sat 9:00AM
HR-119 Web of the Spider Cult

by John Reiher, Jr, Savage Worlds, 4.5 hrs, 4 players, Game, Some gaming, Characters/Armies provided

When you find a dead body in your house, especially one which belongs to a notable explorer, you know it’s not going to be an ordinary day. Web of the Spider Cult takes the heroes from the corridors and galleries of the Boston Museum, to the bayou of Louisiana, and onto the dark jungles of Mexico. There, amid the ruins of a centuries old temple, the adventurers face their greatest enemy so far in their extraordinary adventures.
Time Block K: Sat 2:00PM
KR-253 Savage Traveller

by Steve Schonberger, Savage Worlrds, 7 hrs, 6 players, Game, Kids, Characters/Armies provided

This is an adventure in the Traveller setting, but using Savage Worlds rules. More details will become available closer to the event date. Players need not commmit to the whole time slot.
Time Block M: Sat 7:00PM
MR-113 Mystic Alliances

by Kamal Lombardi, CoC 6th edition, variant setting, 4.5 hrs, 6 players, Game, Kids, Characters/Armies provided

Play teenage COC investigators in this variant setting/ruleset for Call of Cthulu which is set several years in the future, during a time in which Mythos threats are once again on the rise in Seattle.
Time Block S: Sun 11:30AM
SR-122 The League of Extraordinary Cats

by Sophie Lagace, Cat, 4.5 hrs, 6 players, Game, Kids, Characters/Armies provided

When the Cheshire Cat, Duchess, Orlando the Marmalade Cat, Ame Tomoe, Lion-O and Schrödinger's cat team up, is there anything they can't do? A simple game, character creation takes 5 minutes, and new or younger players are welcome.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Books I have read in 2008.

2008 is over and my list is complete. The total of books read is: 32. Which is better than last years total of 19. For those people that count the pages, I have done that for you. The total page count for 2008 is 14,034 pages.

There were some comic books and mangas that were read in between the books and are not listed.
32. Guard Against Dishonour by by Simon R. Green (188pgs)
31. Swords of Haven: The Adventures of Hawk and Fisher by by Simon R. Green (544pgs)
30. Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green (480pgs)
29. A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin (807pgs)
28. Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi (320pgs)
27. Brisingr by Christopher Paolini (784pgs)
26. Fool Moon by Jime Butcher (352pgs)
25. Centaur Aisle by by Piers Anthony (304pgs)
24. Storm Front by Jime Butcher (322pgs)
23. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein (438pgs)
22. The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey (248pgs)
21. Castle Roogna by Piers Anthony (329pgs)
20. Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein (320pgs)
19. On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony (303pgs)
18. The Source of Magic by Piers Anthony (326pgs)
17. A Spell For Chameleon by Piers Anthony (344pgs)
16. The Callahan Chronicals by Spider Robinson (317pg)
15. Unicorn Point by Piers Anthony (337pgs)
14. Robot Adept by Piers Anthony (341pgs)
13. Out Of Phaze by Piers Anthony (309pgs)
12. Race Against Time by Piers Anthony (224pgs)
11. Juxtaposition by Piers Anthony (358pgs)
10. Blue Adept by Piers Anthony (327pgs)
9. Split Infinity by Piers Anthony (354pgs)
8. Prostho Plus by Piers Anthony (216pgs)
7. Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind (792pgs)
6. Temple of the Wind by Terry Goodkind (822pgs)
5. Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind (623pgs)
4. Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind (979pgs)
3. Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind (820pgs)
2. The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (518pgs)
1. Ringworld's Children by Larry Niven (288pgs)
Check out my Goodreads profile for my current books and feel free to sing up and be a friend.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The surprise for me.

With my brother and nephew in town, our family celebrated Christmas by opening our Secret Santa gifts. My brother was my Secret Santa. My surprise was what was give came from my Birthday list and was out of the price range given for the Secret Santa gift exchange. He said he got a good deal. Who is to argue.

What I got was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5.

Currently reading the manual and taking a few pictures and filling up the internal memery. Next on my list in to get a large memery card for all the picture I must take in the furture.