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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

To close a podcast.

About a week ago I recorded the ending credits for one of my favorite podcast, The Dragons Landing Inn. With the next podcast, Episode Bravo 74, it showed up at the end. Yea me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ConQuest Day 2 and 3

Only a few games were played these last 2 days. Saturday morning I went to a Intro to Shadowrun game which went over the game history, character classes and a sample fight. I had the afternoon free, so with a friend we got some lunch and went see the Ghost Rider movie. That night the Savage World game of Stargate: Mictlan had a full house of player.
On the last day (for me), I only went for one game. The game was Intro to Dying Earth. With only one person showing up (that would be me) we went over a little of the history, the game mechanics and a short sample intro game. It was a ok system, it might have been a better experience if more people would have shown up. The game system was based off a outcome of a d6 with a pool of possable rerolls. That was one thing I did not like about the system.
Over all it was fun time, not as large as Dragonflight was last summer, but still fun.

Friday, February 16, 2007

ConQuest Day 1

Having registered before hand, I pick up my registration packet in the lobby. There was going to be custom dice (with the my name, con name and date) was going be part of the packet, but was not there. I found out it was due to low turn out last year, they cut the cost some where. A little sad on that, not a big deal. I picked up a convention shirt, tried to put on my credit card, had a little problem with it, I ended up paying cash for it. During this time it hit 3 pm and the game I wanted to play filled up. I ended up reading a book for a while and did two quick games of a block stacking game. I got my name down for the next game I wanted to play, Depth of Evil, a Pulp Hero game with the Hero System rules. The character I ended up playing was the Green Hornet with other similar 30s heroes in the group. Our group was able to defeat the enemy and save the day.

The game listing for Depths of Evil:
Captain F. Schaeffer, Cliff Secord and other adventurers of the 30's join forces to battle an ancient evil lurking beneath the Atlantic waves!

When I got home I got a good look of the con shirt, it said "Veni, Vidi, Conquest!". Which comes out to say: "Came, Saw, Conquest!"

Off to sleep for the next day of gaming.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My plan of attack.

ConQuest is around the corner. My plans so far are as follows:

3:00 PM Big Al and Able Team vs. the Snow Monster! (Spirit of the Century)
7:00 PM Depths of Evil (Pulp Hero)
10:00 AM Intro to Shadowrun (Shadowrun 4th Edition)
1:00 PM Shadowrun: The Body Electric (Shadowrun 4th Edition)
7:00 PM School of Illusion (Talislanta 4th Edition)
12:00 PM Intro to Dying Earth (The Dying Earth)
8:00 PM Who Stole My Zepplin? (Hollow Earth Expedition)

Here is the online game schedule.

The games may change or a movie may be seen instead of a game. Time will tell.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

From point A to point B.

Last night there was this sound coming from the right side of the car. I thought it might be some rubber coming off the tire, but the sound did not come from the wheel well. I had to pull over and see what it was, thinking there might be something wrong with the front right tire. It turned out to be the pasenger side belt stuck in the door draging on the ground and hitting the car.

Also on the way back from a hair cut, I noticed that the car hit 21,000 miles.

Update: I was pointed out that with my car the max number it could show is 99,999 miles before it would go back to 00,000. So, it could be 121,000 miles or even 221,000 miles.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A rush to get a room.

The phone lines opened today at 9am for hotel reservations for the San Diego Comic Con 2007. A group of us are planing on going and pool our resources and go this year (this is the first large convention for me). Rich starts work a little after 9am and tried to call in and get a room. Busy signal. I had a break and tried. Busy signal for me also. Rich got thru around 11am and there was no one room for the time frame we were looking for (July 25th to July29th) and was put on a waiting list. I got thru at about 12:30pm and also got put on a waiting list. With luck, a frind of Rick got a room for the time frame (but a little ways away for the convention center) for $200 a night. Which for a group breaks down to smaller chunks. Yea for us.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The GeekLable Shirts

I ordered some GeekLable shirts as a x-mas gifts for my game group on Jan 4th. I got the notice for the items on Jan 29th. Thats 25 days to get the product. To compare to a simular product, I ordered a Dragons Landing Inn shirt from CafePress and got the item with in a week (7 days).

To make a long story long, the GeekLable shirts were sent to my apt. manager office which is open from 9am to 6pm. I have to get to work before 9am, so that would work for me. But from work I got home on Tuesday about 10 min till 6pm. They were closed for the day. The next day I got home 15 min, again they were closed. Thursday came around, I got home about 20 min and yes they were closed again. That day I found out that we were gaming the next day. I needed to get the shirts for the group. I came home from lunch around 1:15pm and they were closed for lunch. I got lunch myself and right before I headed back to work and found they were open. I picked the package brought it to the group to hand them out.

Looks like a good product, but processing time sucks. Over 3 weeks!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Podcasts and Conventions

I sent some info local conventions to my local podcast I listen to and got mention on air on Episode 72.