Sunday, April 25, 2010

My new minicards.

New moo minicards

Ordered a set of 100 minicards with my contact info to hand out to people that I meet up with at conventions and such.

For the info side there is a drawing of myself on the left side, my name, email and other links on the right.

  • 2x Location shots (New York and Seattle shot I took)
  • 2x Paintball shots (ones that I really liked, that took a while ago)
  • 2x Costume shots (single person shot with a great costume)
  • 2x RPG related shots (two that fit nicely in the frame)
  • 2x Gaming related shot (with the click shot it had the grouping and layers; with the Apples to Apples, it was a my winning hand that I snaped a shot of)

Found 10 pictures that would fit in the 1.1 in x 2.76in frame.

MiniCards by MOO USA

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My time at Sakura-Con 2010

Day 0 (Thursday)
After work, me and Rich headed over to the Washington State Convention Center to pick up our badges for the convention that started the following day. After dealing with some trafic and a quick line, the badge was in my hand. Next was for Rich to set up his art in the art show. With that set up, we got a bite to eat at the Subway outside the convention. Home we went to rest up for the next day.

Day 1 (Friday)
With the dear's room not opening till noon, we had a lazy morning. We made good time and got there before the dealer room opened. Rich was not able to get a Artest Alley table, but was able to split a table in the dealer's room. With a borrowed exhibitor badge I was able to get in before the others and help Rich with a quick set up at his table. With the doors open I was free to look around. After once around the dealer's room, I headed off to a pannel and then watch some anime where I rested my tired feet. I had brought my Pokewalker to keep track of the steps durring the convention, I had noticed a good number of people had the same idea. With moving the Pokewalker from my belt to the lanyard I was using with my badge. With that move I had a good number of people come up and do the friend connect.

Day 2 (Saturday)
With this being main day of the convention, we headed off earlier from the day before. The dealer's room was already open when we got there. I did my walk thru for another look around to find some thing that I may or may not know I am looking for. One item that was found was at the Ninja-Bot booth was a free Level 5 Mudkip with some great Battle Moves. I also got a chance to look around the Artest Alley and picked up some Iron Man and anime postcard art.

Day 3 (Sunday)
The final day with a lot of walking around the dealer's room and around the convention center for the final rounds of looking and snapping some pix of the people in costume. I also paid for next years Sakura-Con for a low cost of $30. When the 6pm time frame came, the convention end and closed. With the exhibitor badge I was able to stick around for a while. We got some food and did a final walk thru of the empty dealer's room (which was not the dealer room any more). It made me a little sad that the convention was over for the year. :-(

With the Pokewalker I kept records of the stats:
Day 0: 02291 steps
Day 1: 08659 steps, ~13 friend connects
Day 2: 09572 steps, 30 friend connects
Day 3: 11930 steps, ~29 friend connects

For totals, if you keep in mind that 2000 steps = 1 mile, I walked over 16 miles with over 70 friend connection during Sakura-Con.

Check out all the pictures I took during the conventure.

SakuraCon - Suits and Masks SakuraCon - Gurren Lagann