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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My TiVo is dead.

This last Tuursday I came home, did a few thing on the computer. I sat down and turned on the tv, it had a black screen. I tried the TiVo remote, nothing happened. So I reset the unit (I unpluged it). It came back with "Welcome. Powering up...".

I gave it some time it did not change. I reset it again and went to bed. I got up and went to work. I checked on it again when I got home. The same screen. It was dead. There was no warning sign for this problem. With what I had save on the TiVo unit were only a few odds and end I was saving for later, which I will try to catch up on later.
Any fix would cost money. So I check up on some info on the Comcast web site on their DVRs. It was not much more than the cost of the TiVo monthly cost and there is no cost for the equipment. It also saved some space, down from 2 unit to 1 combo unit. One thing I will miss is the TiVo remote. It had a great layout.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The name of your boat?

On the way to lunch with the parents this last Sunday I saw a boat being towed on the freeway. The name caught my eye more than any thing else. The was in a nice large font. The name was "Bite Me".
I can hear the conversation. "So you got a new boat. Did you get a chance to name it yet? You did. Whats the name. What? So don't tell me then."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Two dungeon games.

While going thru my copy of Newtype USA, I came across 2 games.
Etrian Odyssey and Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground.

Etrian Odyssey (DS) - "Etrian Odyssey is a turn-based role-playing game like any other, but it sports one heck of a mean streak to elevate it above the crowd." With this game you are respondible for the map of the dungeons with the DS touch screen.

Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground (PSP) - "Design a dungeon so that creatures will inhabit it and you can kill them and steal their treasure. "

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hawaiian Potluck

Hawaiian Potluck
The first day of Summer and we had a Hawaiian style potluck.
That alot of food. Thats was some good eats.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our HERO game tangents.

Here are some of the off topics that came up durring on HERO RPG game on 6/15/07:

  1. HERO Dice
  2. Disney owed properties.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. After the credits ran there was a scene that said "10 Years Later" with a last clip.
  4. Dragonflight 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Ghost Rider move came out today on DVD and as a promo Best Buy is give away with the DVD the full mini version of the Ghost Rider Visual Guide from DK. I purchased the full size a while back and is pictured for the size. The promo is the full book in a 6 in by 7.5 in size (just about the size of a DVD) with only a few small changes I can see. The promo has no slip cover, the "Ghost Rider" name is not in gold and Best Buy put their logo in the bottom right corner.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Classic Cash Register

This was in the back of my mom's business, but due some clean up and some rearranging. I was told to take possession of this item. I got help and loaded it into my car and took it back to my apartment.

From what I have been told, the cash register was used by by great grandparents in the store they had. From the label on it, it is from the National Cash Register Co. It is electric and stills runs and with a few buttons pushed and the crank twisted the cash drawer will open.

It is a side project to clean this up, to look a little better. Some of the paint is a little flaky.

(note: there are some marble pieces that set in place right over the cash drawer that I have, but not pictured).