Saturday, March 22, 2008

Issue with work.

I went to work to finish my time sheet today and found out that the cell phone order I put in for my mom had been canceled. It seems that all my three cell lines must change to a current price plans for me to upgrade one line. For the two lines that I have for my parents, it is not a big deal. Their plan are like or are the current plans. But for my plan, I have a great low use plan. I currently spend about $17.00 for my plan. If I move over to a current (with employee discount) for the same options, it will cost about $30.00. To upgrade a phone (not mine), I have to change my plan and spend more money. This just sucks.

The knock on the door.

Not too late last night there was a knock on the door. A guy was there wanting to server his wife divorce papers a few doors down. He even offered money if I did. I said no and closed the door. (I do not want any pissed off neighbors in the apartment building I live in.) He went to the next door and knocked on it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Work News

With the new schedule beginning next month, they are matching up to new supervisors with the same schedule. Along with this change, is also a move to a new desk. There is no date for the desk move, but I am sure it will be done by month end. For my new desk, I get a good view of a wall. There are some team mates from my current team and a friend the will be on the new team and of coarse some new face for me.

Found out yesterday, that there was a miscalculation with some of the spiffs when on the job. On my next paycheck I will get around $250.00 for the last 3 month of the miscalculations.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stargate DVD

I picked up the new Stargate: The Ark of Truth early this week. One of the Special Feature is the Stargate Pannel they had at ComicCon 2007. I can say I was there. From the stage, I was in the middle off to the right. I tried to spot myself, but no luck. They never did pan that direction. They did trim it down to 20 to 25 min long. Cutting the intros and a lot of the in between questions dead air. One nice thing was, for answers to questions some clips were added to what was filmed.

Click here to see my picture of the Stargate Pannel at ComicCon 2007.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My 30 Day Project

The picture a day, for 30 day is now complete. I had to keep in mind a picture to post for the day and some times took a few for the day, in case something better came along. I enjoy the project in the short time, but would not over a longer time. I may do another 30 days at point in the future.

My 30 Day Project

(Click the picture to get the breakdown of the pictures.)

Some things I picked up.

A busy day started with some OT at work at 5am to 2pm. Next I headed over to Norm's place to tag along for a Costco.

Picked up about $120.00 worth of food and stuff.

Headed over to Half Price Books. Found and picked up the follow game books.
  • 7th Sea: Nations of Theah, Ussura
  • 7th Sea: Secret Societies of Theah, The Invisible College
  • 7th Sea: Secret Societies of Theah, Los Vagos

Next, headed over to Fred Meyer. Found the following TV DVD series on sale.
Also Norm lent me two book.
  • Oath of Swords by David Weber
  • The War God's Own by David Weber