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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two short videos to watch.

This is hilarious! It's from a talent show at a college in Massachusetts. Try to watch the whole 5 minutes (especially when Mario hits the star).

"Super Mario Bros." -- live!

Also check out this video, the name says it all.

Best home made lightsaber duel ever!

What some friends said:

"That was great. Really high quality effects." -Chad

"Heath...that is awesome!!! I wish I could make vidoes like that!! sort of reminds me of you grabbing swords!!!" -Luke

"That's awesome! It's better than the last three Star Wars movies combined! Better action scenes and no cheesy dialog ;^)
That Super Mario brothers skit was hilarious as well. It's good to see the internet finally living up to its potential." -Neal

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No game today.

One problem with a small group (one GM and two player), is that if one player gets sick, the game get canceled. As it was for tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My podcast shirt.

To support one of my podcasts, the Dragon's Landing the following shirt was purchased from CafePress. I only had one beef about the product. The Ash Grey T-Shirt that I purchased does not show the picture very well. The grey box around the "elven chain +5" blends into the grey of the and does not show exactly as pictured here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The game last week.

The following week in gamming with our HERO game.

With our group of two, we back out looking to take any scouts or lookouts. We saw the scout and tried to sneak up on him. We failed. He sounded the horn. Knowing time was limited, we went to attack him in the tree he was posted. Vaden got right under the tree he was it. He activated his strength which helped leaping up and swacking the lookout. While I was doing this Darbor was throwing some knives at the guy and hitting a few times. After Vaden knocked the lookout out of the tree, which I did not see. The body missed me, but he spewed some porridge from his morning meal. We finished off him off, did a quick search of the body and decided hide near by.

We waited for a time till 2 others showed up and started tracking us. I was able to keep track of on of two myself. hoping the other was not sneaking up on me. hoping they would pass on by, Vaden activated his Skin of Granite power (which gave hime some protection from the unknown). Darbor himself activated his power of Walk With Nature (which uped his Stealth rolls). Darbor snuck on the guy I was keeping a eye on and say him dropped. Now where is the other guy? The answer to that found me. I was attacked and almost got knocked out (2 more points and light out). My Skin of Granite power save me from the knock out and Body damage. Darbor kept this other guy busy while I was able to activated the Tough Man power and knocked this guy out in one shot.

HERO Battle 06-14-06

One thing I did learn, never hide yourself near the path you took to distance yourself. Move off the trail and then hide.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Smile Dad.

Fathers Day 2006-2

Dad at Outback Steakhouse on our Father's Day.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Wacky news

A black bear was chased up a tree by a territorial ginger cat in West Milford, New Jersey, on Sunday (WENN)

Yahoo! New Story

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The game last night.

A little history, HERO System, fantasy setting (swords and club level of weapons) with some mild super powers thrown in.

Our small group of two was to cause some trouble from some raders. we were heading towards their location and came across a lone rider. We thought easy target. Why not try to sneak up on him. We made our stealth roll. But his perception roll was better. His horse spead up and tried to run down my character, Vaden. Unknown to the rider, Vaden had powered up. (This means that his strength rose from 18 to 28, got a little toughter and tripled my weight.) Vaden tried to dodge. He was not fast enough to dodge. Vaden did not take any Body damage, but took enough stun daze him. What happent next was a little funny. The horse got stoped dead in his tracks almost throwing the rider. Darbor, the other person in the group of two, steped up and attacked the rider and got a good hit. Next the horse attacked and got a lucky hit and knocked him out. My partner in this outing does not know of my power (stoping the horse probably did rase a question or two in his mind). With him knocked out, Vaden could be a little more open with his powers. He pull out his great club and attacked the horse. With a lucky roll, Vaden smack the horse right in the face with a high Body and Stun damage (which is doubled with a head shot). The horse fell over traping the rider unable to move. With a called shot to head of the rider, I knocked him out too.

With the battle over I checked on Darbor, with him ok. I tied the rider up and planed to take him back to town. I took about 3 hrs to get back to town and the rider never did wake up. That must have been some hit.

This reminded me of the scene from Blazing Saddles, where Mongo punched out a horse.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Email on the high seas.

My brother and his wife are on there honeymoon on a cruise hitting some ports in France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. While on the ship they have internet access and have receaved updates on their trip and outings. The magic of technology.

Monday, June 05, 2006

My parking spot.

Found out today that for perfert attendance plus the most worked hours in my work group in May I got my own parking space. (All I did was show up for work and put my normal hours in.) One down side I see is that I walk to work most of the time, but once a week I do have a parking for when I drive to work and then head off my HERO game.