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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Our HERO game.

This game was played on September 4th in the year of 2005 using the HERO game system with Fantasy HERO setting.

The game started out by Gregor and Vaden taken the orc prisoner back to camp. Vaden got a arrow to the chest. Gregor went ahead to attack the creatures that attacked us, while I made sure the prisoner does not go anywhere.

Gregor rushed ahead to attacked two of the goblins going towards the third. While Vaden activated his hidden power.

Gregor attacked the three goblins while Vaden came up behind them. With Vaden's strength increase, he pick the prisoner with one hand and came to Gregor's aid to dispatch the goblins. A arrow was fired at Vaden, it missed him, but not my new orc shield.

The last goblin that hit Gregor, got lucky and knocked him out. Vaden had time to line up his shot to do the maximum damage to the group of goblins. With the orc in hand, Vaden tossed the orc (feet first) hitting two of the goblins, killing one and knocking the other out. The one goblin that was left was in shock seeing a 6 foot orc tossed like a spear. Vaden came up to the shocked goblin and finished it off with another blow. Gregor soon recovered, glad the battle was over. Vaden checked the orc, finding that his leg was broken, Vaden did what he could to patch up his wounds (we did need him alive to take it back to town).

We got back to town where father questioned the orc and finding some good info about on why the orc and goblins are so active over the last few weeks. Some outside group has been attacking different groups of orcs and goblins thru out the area with our town crest on their shield. To our surprise, one of the attacker was killed and beheaded.

A deal was made with the orc, we will head to the 3rd orc/goblin camp to have a look at the head of the attacker. At the start of our journey, Gregor found out the hard way that his water was poisoned. Sence none of our water was poisoned, it was thought that it was personal and the main person that came to mind was the gambler that had his hand cut. We had Gregor rest off as much of the effects as possable and then we headed off. We made it to the orc/goblin camp with no problens, this time.

Under a white flag, we met with orcs and got a chance to view the head of one of the impostor that attacked the orc village. The head was not someone any one knew. After Gregor had his mind read (with permission) we got some time to look in this issue of the attack on the town. As the meeting was winding down, Vaden had a mental attack done on him.

... and fade out. (end of session)

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