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Monday, October 17, 2005

Our HERO game.

This game was played on October 2nd in the year of 2005 using the HERO game system with Fantasy HERO setting.

Something happened that none of the other people in the group perceived, Vaden got shot three different time by arrows that no one else could see. The orcs were upset with this problem and took care of it. We did find out the were a total of 4 came surrounding our town and talked the leader into giving the town a month time to work out this problem of humans attacking their town/camps.

After going back to town, Vaden and Gregor encountered a orc and knocked him out and dragged him back to town. Somehow the orc escaped.

We talked with the camp in east. To be given more time to resolve the issue of the human attacks, the orcs wanted five women/children to killed. We faked the deaths, but orcs saw thru the fakes and left.

We set up a small camp to spy on the northern camp. Some traps were set up with some of the trapper. Some goblins showed up while Vaden was away scouting. Gregor was took care of the intruders.

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