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Monday, October 23, 2006

My idea.

Here is my idea:
Going to try something new this next calendar and I need your help.

With the below link:

This has about ten pictures in it currently (more to added as time goes on) and I need some info on the pictures, funny thoughts on the picture(s) or just something funny about the picture.

Maybe a Thought Bubble or a Speach Balloon added to the picture?

Like found at this link:

Or maybe a Motivational Poster?

Like found at this link:

Try them out. Add you suggestions on on the above flickr account, email them to me, send me a completed item or do all the above.
I got my first response from the above email I sent out:

Hello uncle Heath. For a couple of them I think you should add a thought bubble/speach bubble and I really think their good for the caleneder. The one that caught my eye was the one were someone was pointing at someone and they were covoring their head in the grass. I think that was really funny and it should be have something like one guy crying not to get shot and the other saying something that would be funny for the moment.

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