Monday, October 23, 2006

My idea.

Here is my idea:
Going to try something new this next calendar and I need your help.

With the below link:

This has about ten pictures in it currently (more to added as time goes on) and I need some info on the pictures, funny thoughts on the picture(s) or just something funny about the picture.

Maybe a Thought Bubble or a Speach Balloon added to the picture?

Like found at this link:

Or maybe a Motivational Poster?

Like found at this link:

Try them out. Add you suggestions on on the above flickr account, email them to me, send me a completed item or do all the above.
I got my first response from the above email I sent out:

Hello uncle Heath. For a couple of them I think you should add a thought bubble/speach bubble and I really think their good for the caleneder. The one that caught my eye was the one were someone was pointing at someone and they were covoring their head in the grass. I think that was really funny and it should be have something like one guy crying not to get shot and the other saying something that would be funny for the moment.

The month of moving and packing.



This month so far I have to pack up my desk three time so far. Once they lowered the desks (see the before and after), next they put new carpet in and the best of all the move down one floor to a total new desk. Today I did do a little overtime in the morning to unpack and set up the new desk. Took awhile, but things are up to par.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Wacky news

1. British University Offering Masters Degree In Robin Hood Studies
Nottingham University is offering a masters degree in Robin Hood studies to provide students an "exciting opportunity on the origins and development of England's most enduring legendary figure."
2. A permanent birthday reminder for mom...
A Welsh mom who kept forgetting her five kids' birthdays has had the dates tattooed on her arm.
3. Couple arrested trying to get sample for drug test
An eastern Kentucky couple is charged with going to an elementary school and trying to get a urine specimen from a nephew to use in a drug test.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Birthday Month

I got the last birthday present today and the count is as follows:

1) Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon
I have started playing this game and I got a good ways thru it the last 2 days being sich and resting..

2) The Gamers (Dead Gentlemen Productions)
I have watched it twice so far, once the normaly and once with the commentary.

3) Bomberman (PSP)
A great classic game, I have played this off and on sence I got the game.

4) Animusic 2 DVD
This is what I got today, I watched part of it at my parents and they wanted to borrow it. I told them they had to wait till I got to watch it.

Pokémon Mystery of Mew Giveaway!

Want to add Mew to your Pokémon collection? Visit any Toys "R" Us on September 30th from noon to 3pm and Mew can be yours! <see full article>
Being a pokemon fan, I went to the local Toys "R" Us at about 12:30 thinking there would not be too long of a line. I ws wrong, I took me about a hour and a half to wait for the download. I did not mind the wait, not feeling too good, I did not plan on the wait (ie I did not bring my mp3 player).