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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Yesterday I headed over to a friends house thinking it was game night. It turned out I was off by a week. That showing my age. ;-) We talked and I got to see the new baby. With some time I headed over to Half-Price Books and found a few items. I next started to head back home, but stoped by Best Buy to pick up the The Grim Adventures of Bill & Mandy. Took a little bit of time, it was found in the B section. I thought it would be under the G section. Oh well.
While I was at Best Buy Chad (my brother) call to wish me a happy 35th birthday. Two days late, but understandable due to getting ready for our parents trip to see them in New York. I did learn that they have moved into the new bigger place and that dad is help refurnish most of the cherry furniture. The new place is about four blocks from Chad old place in Forest Hills and required about a month of work to clean and fix up the place before they moved in.
Just a little over a month away, I will be heading down to see them for about a week. Till then.

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