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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ConQuest NW 2008

My days at a RPG conventions call ConQuest NW.

Day 1 (Friday, February 15th)

Decline to game today. The games begin later in the day and decided to game with my normal gaming group.

Day 2 (Saturday, February 16th)
  1. Freeport: The Buccaneers of the Sky
    Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition

    Freeport: The Buccaneers of the Skies

  2. Arena of Death
    Hero System 5th Edition

    Day 16: The Map With Game

Day 3 (Sunday, February 17th)
  1. Cat: Dia de los Muertos

    Day 17: Playing a Cat

  2. Bureau 13: Roach Motel
    d20 Modern

    Bureau 13: Roach Motel

  3. When the Heroes Are Away
    Hero System 5th Edition

    When the Heroes Are Away

Day 4 (Monday, February 18th)

A pick up game of a Star Trek (TNG timeline) using the Hero System 5th Edition.

Star Trek Pickup Game

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