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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some things I picked up.

A busy day started with some OT at work at 5am to 2pm. Next I headed over to Norm's place to tag along for a Costco.

Picked up about $120.00 worth of food and stuff.

Headed over to Half Price Books. Found and picked up the follow game books.
  • 7th Sea: Nations of Theah, Ussura
  • 7th Sea: Secret Societies of Theah, The Invisible College
  • 7th Sea: Secret Societies of Theah, Los Vagos

Next, headed over to Fred Meyer. Found the following TV DVD series on sale.
Also Norm lent me two book.
  • Oath of Swords by David Weber
  • The War God's Own by David Weber

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