Monday, November 17, 2008

Emerald City Gamefest

With my Fear the Boot t-shirt on I went to Emerald City Gamefest and I can say I had fun. The morning game I played in was a 4th Ed Forgotten Realm D&D game that was s sneak-peak at some of the features of Downshadow by Eric Scott de Bie. The afternoon game was a Hollow Earth Expedition game Gmed by Tim Brown (who has GMed other con games I have played in the past).

After the last game was played, I got a chance to look around and spotted Dan (from Fear the Boot) by his well worn FtB 9000 Compliant t-shirt (pix) and got a few min of talk time.

Check out pictures I took at Emerald City Gamefest via my camer phone here.

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