Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some things I picked up.

I stoped by Half Price Books on my way home and picked up a few books:
  1. Shadow on the Sand (Book 5) Lone Wolf, A Role Playing Adventure
    It a pick your own adventure book as a RPG and it was found in the Dollar rack.
  2. Blood of the Fold (Book 3 of The Sword of Truth) by Terry Goodkind
  3. Also picked up a few Piers Anthony books.
    1. Mercycle
    2. Prostho Plus
    3. Split Infinity (Book One of The Apprentice Adept series)
    4. Virtual Mode (Book One of The Mode series)
    5. On A Pale Horse (Book One of Incarnations of Immorality series)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

System Restart

Today at work, our group had the system sofware upgraded. With me entering my login it went thru the process as normal till I got a message that it will restart due to new stuff. Again I login. I check the needed programs, I see I am missing a one. I choose it and restart it myself. About 30 to 60 min later, I am off the phones work on a little project when I get the 5 min till shut down message. So I shut it down myself. Thank the computer god that was the only time it happened (to me). I have noticed a few people around me that they got a the 5 min message durring a call and some of them had it happen to them 3 to 5 time durring the day. No more updated, please.

Some things I picked up.

  1. Justice League: The New Frontier (Two Disk Special Edition) with a Green Lantern action figure from DC Direct with the DVD package (from Best Buy).
    (a cut good from the graphic novel to movie)
  2. Beowulf: Director's Cut
    (looked good, noted some good reviews, never went to it the the theaters)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ConQuest NW 2008

My days at a RPG conventions call ConQuest NW.

Day 1 (Friday, February 15th)

Decline to game today. The games begin later in the day and decided to game with my normal gaming group.

Day 2 (Saturday, February 16th)
  1. Freeport: The Buccaneers of the Sky
    Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition

    Freeport: The Buccaneers of the Skies

  2. Arena of Death
    Hero System 5th Edition

    Day 16: The Map With Game

Day 3 (Sunday, February 17th)
  1. Cat: Dia de los Muertos

    Day 17: Playing a Cat

  2. Bureau 13: Roach Motel
    d20 Modern

    Bureau 13: Roach Motel

  3. When the Heroes Are Away
    Hero System 5th Edition

    When the Heroes Are Away

Day 4 (Monday, February 18th)

A pick up game of a Star Trek (TNG timeline) using the Hero System 5th Edition.

Star Trek Pickup Game

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The 16000th View on Flickr

As of today, I have over 16000 views on my Flickr pictures, a update from 11000 views on 11/01/07.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The plane to ride.

Today after work me, Rich and JP went to my place to find a flight to ComicCon. A great nonstop flight was found to and from ComicCon. Due to the bad lay over with flight home from ComicCon last year, we were looking for a nonstop flight. One for $197.00 was found and bought today. The flight info was texted to Myles and Chris. Chris has his flight purchased (after he got home from work) and is in the next row over from our group.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

To get a room for ComicCon (UPDATE).

Rich told me today, that JP got a room about a block from where the prev hotel was last year. It would be $1,000.00 for the 5 day. It would be about $200.00 per person for the 5 people we have planed. The cost of the room also covers the breakfast in the morning.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

To get a room for ComicCon.

The phones opened to get a room for ComicCon 2008 today at 9am. I tried to call in at 9am for 15 mins durring my first break. I got 15 mins of a busy signal. I tried two hours later at my lunch and got into a live person to be told that all the rooms they had available were full. They offered a waiting list. Rich got a room on the other side of the airport, which is not near the convention center. Time will tell, if some more rooms open.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some things I picked up.

Last week I picked up a few DVDs.

Friday, February 01, 2008

30 days of pictures.

I have see a few 365 picture a day projects on Flickr. I wanted to test the water and see if I could do it on a small scale. That where this 30 day project of mine comes in. I am going to try for 30 day to get a picture a day posted.

This is going to be from February 1, 2008 to March 1, 2008. Most of the time I will be using my camera phone, which I have with me all the time and is 2.0 MP.

Day 1: Calendar

My 30 Day Project