Monday, May 26, 2008

Pirate's Booty

An ex-Jack Sparrow spills on life at the Magic Kingdom.

Link: @ Los Angeles Magazine

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Squirrel

Yesterday I stoped by a Jumba Juice and parked in the back. I was walking around to the front when I spotted this guy. I used my camera phone and snapped a picture. He came closer, I snapped another. I tried my luck for a closer shot. The squirrel came closer. I could reach out and pet it if it were for that squirrel bite. I had pushed my luck for today and went and got my drink. While waiting for my order, the squirrel came around to the front like of the Jumba Juice shop. It almost seemed like it was tame.

The Squirrel
(Click for a bigger picture)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting of Will Wheaton.

This last Saturday I hitched a ride with Rich to Emerald City ComiCon. I had read on his blog that he was going to be there and made a effert to seek him out. While looking around, the voice over the speaker said he was here and signing now. I left the group of friend I was with and headed over there with a good 15 people long. It did not take too long. He said he like the shirt I had on and asked where I got it from. The shirt said "Nice to meet you. Roll Initiative" from geeklable. It made my day. I picked the hard back verison of his current book, The Happiest Days of Our Lives and had it signed along with a picture from his TNG days. I had wanted to pick up some of his other books, but he did not have any there. I will have to see what he has at San Diego ComiCon. I shuck his hand (good grip) and took a picture of him (see below). Had fun, not a full day con, but found a few items I did not know I needed till I found them.

My picture of Will Wheaton

Iron Man Egg

I found this Easter Egg on the Iron Movie:

Captain Americas Shield in the background of Iron Man movie.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Was watching the current CSI show (The Theory of Everything) on my DVR and I spoted Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (in the background) from the Mythbusters show from The Discovery Channel.

Some found trivia on The Theory of Everything:
In order to see what caused the flames that killed a man, the team sets up various test using ballistics dummies. During an experiment to determine the cause of the man burning to death, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the T.V. show Mythbusters appear in the background, observing the experiment and taking notes. When a ballistics dummy is successfully lit on fire, the duo give an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Another The Discovery Channel easter egg is seen with Hodges investigating a crawl space underneath a house. While crawling on his back through a lot of dirt, Hodges resembles Mike Rowe whom is the host of Dirty Jobs. Hodges says the word "dirty" three times in succession, as an homage to Rowe and Discovery Channel television show.

CSI: The Theory of Everything

Monday, May 05, 2008


Just today, I had another request to add a picture to a NowPublic story from a email thru my Flickr account.

Interview with Marvel Characters

The picture was taken at the 2007 ComicCon. I was walking in the main room and noticed a puppet was interviewing a group of three people in Marvel costumes. I could not hear what was being said, but some hair pulling was done.

Superheroes Invade Met's Costume Institute on NowPublic

Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Over to Seattle.

Today I made a trip into Seattle over to the U-District to visit the local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day. The normal exit from the freeway was close, due to a lot of boats crossing (the exits goes over a river) and had to find a different way over to the U-District. Did stop by Half Price Books and fround a book I was looking for. Then I stoped by the comic shop to have a look at the free comic (and others items). Did not find any thing I was looking for. One of the guys that work there did remember my name (that was good), I had not been in the store from 2 to 3 years. Did not leave with much, but I did pick a great lamb dish that I had not had for a while. That was my day out.

Cut it out.

Last night I caught the last 30 min of "The Fires of Pompeii" a 4th season Doctor Who episode on the SciFi Channel. I had watched the original BBC episode a few weeks ago and with the US release I noticed they had cut at least 2 shots. One was at where the Doctor and Donna were running back to town from the escape pod and they just showed up the house were the Tardis was. They cut the street shot that was in the BBC original. The other shot that was cut was at the very end where had a "Six Months Later" shot of the family that survived. Why did they need to do that? Time? More commercials time?