Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The noise the other night.

It was Sunday night around 11:30 pm when there was a noise, like a snap, that woke me up from the hour or two rest I have taken. It was quiet, too quiet. The alarm clock was off, the fans were off and none of the lights works. I set the alarm on the cell phone and went back to bed. The clock radio alarm went off about 5:30 am, due to the battery back up (good to know if I slept thru I would have still woken up on time to get to work). I turned off the radio alarm and went back to bed for 30 more min of sleep. The power was still off. I grabbed my lunch and went to work. Work was ok for a Monday. I stoped on the way home to get some food and read my book for a while, just in case the power is still out. I got home to a note on my door saying as of 4:00 pm the power was still out due to some blown transformers. I opened the door and . . . . the light did not turn on. It was still light outside. I opened the window and sat down to catch up some my comic book reading. It was not till around 7:30 pm that the power came back on. There were 3 repair truck that fixed the issue hanging around the parking lot. They stayed around for at least 4 or more hours more doing something. The main thing that I did check on was the food in the fridge and the freezer, to stay cool thru the issue. I did not use them much to keep them from going room temperature and the food spoiling. And it all turned out ok.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What I did at Dragonflight.

Dragonflight was from Aug 8th thru the 10th.

I took Friday off and slept in. I headed over to where the convention was being held, which was about a 10 min drive, around 2:00 pm. I spotted Bob (a friend) in the board game room playing a game. Norm (another friend) showed up after a while and we went over to Kohana, a Mongoliam Grill,for a late lunch early dinner. With food in our bellies we head back to the con and waited for for our 7:00 pm game to start. The game was called "Just a Mater of Time", used the Spirit of the Century system and was GMed by the Blue Dragons. This was part 1 of a 2 part game. We had about 15 people, which we split into 3 group with 3 different GMs. The game started with a flash forward (in game time) for the intro and and then we woke up needing to stop the bad thing that happened in our dream (that would happen if we did not stop it). We got to a point and called it a night to be continued the next day in part 2.

Saturday, the game I have signed up for started at 9:00 am and was called "Saturday of the Dead", used the Savage World system and was GMed by Steve Winter. We started by making some quick characters on some note cards. The game set up with building models and such as seen here. The game was a survival game. We were to get supplies and not get killed by zombies. I liked the set up, but we had too many zombies start showing up with all the gun fire, which two other players were a little too gun happy. We got some item and had to end the game with a quick get away. The game after that was part 2 of the "Just a Mater of Time" where out group and the other two were able to stop the Cthulhu type monster. The last game for the night was called "Who you gonna call?" used the Palladium system and was GMed by Richard Johnson. The game used the Ghostbusters history after the two movies. I had thought it was going to use the Ghostbusters system that was out there. Still the game was fun and was finished the game with a big battle were we kicked some, but I degress.

Sunday, I only planed on one game and it started at 9:00 am. It was called "Aces Harrington and the Hijacked Airship", it used the Spirit of the Century system and was GMed by Eric Aldrich. Like the name, we had to defend the Airship we were traveling on, which we did and lived to see another day. After the game, I meet up with Bob, were we went out for pizza and talked about the "Just a Mater of Time" game we were both in (but at different games).

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