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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The noise the other night.

It was Sunday night around 11:30 pm when there was a noise, like a snap, that woke me up from the hour or two rest I have taken. It was quiet, too quiet. The alarm clock was off, the fans were off and none of the lights works. I set the alarm on the cell phone and went back to bed. The clock radio alarm went off about 5:30 am, due to the battery back up (good to know if I slept thru I would have still woken up on time to get to work). I turned off the radio alarm and went back to bed for 30 more min of sleep. The power was still off. I grabbed my lunch and went to work. Work was ok for a Monday. I stoped on the way home to get some food and read my book for a while, just in case the power is still out. I got home to a note on my door saying as of 4:00 pm the power was still out due to some blown transformers. I opened the door and . . . . the light did not turn on. It was still light outside. I opened the window and sat down to catch up some my comic book reading. It was not till around 7:30 pm that the power came back on. There were 3 repair truck that fixed the issue hanging around the parking lot. They stayed around for at least 4 or more hours more doing something. The main thing that I did check on was the food in the fridge and the freezer, to stay cool thru the issue. I did not use them much to keep them from going room temperature and the food spoiling. And it all turned out ok.

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