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Friday, November 28, 2008

From the blog of Emerald Gamefest.

From Emerald Gamefest web site, they give out some links about their game day. My blog, this blog that you are reading, got a link as you can see here. Also my Flickr set of pictures of the event got a link also. I say Yea!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I got named.

The latest episode of Fear the Boot (ep 124) was recorded in Seattle with Dan, Tex and Ed Healy (a local guy). About 10 min into the episode I got a shout-out from both Dan and Ed.

Yea me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Emerald City Gamefest

With my Fear the Boot t-shirt on I went to Emerald City Gamefest and I can say I had fun. The morning game I played in was a 4th Ed Forgotten Realm D&D game that was s sneak-peak at some of the features of Downshadow by Eric Scott de Bie. The afternoon game was a Hollow Earth Expedition game Gmed by Tim Brown (who has GMed other con games I have played in the past).

After the last game was played, I got a chance to look around and spotted Dan (from Fear the Boot) by his well worn FtB 9000 Compliant t-shirt (pix) and got a few min of talk time.

Check out pictures I took at Emerald City Gamefest via my camer phone here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

World Wide Wing Night 5

World Wide Wing Night 5 in Seattle Area

Not a big turn out. It was just me and my friend Norm. Had some good wings and talked about our D&D game.
Will try again next year and will hope for a larger turn out. From the people I heard from, the day did not work for them.

See pictures from other people here.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Our Pre-Game Meet Up

We are starting our first game of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. For me, it has been a while sense I have played D&D. I recall some games of 2nd Edition and a few games of 3rd Edition. For some of the others that are playing, they have not played D&D at all. That is including our Game Master (GM). Most every one has play in some kind of Roll Playing game, but one from what I know. We are starting our game from a pre-made adventure called Keep on the Shadowfell.

This last Sunday (11/02/08) we meet to go over our character and get some info on some backgrounds for use with our characters. I had planed and read up on Clerics and Rangers. The Cleric was passed onto Bill for his use. That left me the Ranger. The GM brought up that it was strongly suggested that we have a Rogue in our party and we need some one with a range attack. By the time I left, I was playing 2 character to fill out the party. The Player's Handbook suggests that a balance adventuring party include a wizard, a fighter, a cleric and a rogue. Norm was goint to play the Wizard (a Controller), Janielle is playing the Fighter (a Defender), Bill is playing the Cleric (a Leader) and I am playing the Rogue and the Ranger (both Strikers) to round out the skills for our group. Found out today that we may have a 5th player for our game from where Bill and Bob (our GM) work. Time will tell. If he does play, he can use one of the two character I made for our group adventuring party.

Friday (11/07/08) is our first game with our first level character.

Pre-Game prep for D&D 4th Ed (1) Pre-Game prep for D&D 4th Ed (2) Pre-Game prep for D&D 4th Ed (3)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Samurai 7 DVD

Finished the last episode of Samurai 7 with my workout on the bike today. Great series. My one big problem with the DVD was the color of the menu functions. The color of the selection of the menu was only a small difference and had to look closely to see what was selected.