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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Me and ConQuest

This year ConQuest was not as close as it was last year. I did not know where the place was directly, it took a little longer to find the place. I missed the first game I had planed, it filled up and had already started.

I had a chance to look around and found a miniatures game called Golden Age of Hydroplane Racing. Fun game, played a game, came in second in the race and went around again to see what others were playing. One of the players of Hydroplane Racing game was someone I played a game with last year and after some time talking, some others showed up. It was a lunch time and we ended up at Denny's for some food.

We decided to try our hand out at the next game that I had planed to try which was called Savage Traveller and was hosted by Steve Schonberger using the Savage Worlds system. For the game all I can say was, good try. Steve did not know Savage Worlds too well, he used money as a prop when he did not have to, items need for the game was not provided and mapping when need, did not work. We each ended up playing a few characters each and with the plot, there were these robots that could only be killed by one of our many players. The game ended when it was decided that we could not continue, we packed up and left. It was a little fun with the other players, but not too enjoyable.

The next game I planed on was a Call of Cthulhu game. I was the only played to signed up for it. We gave it some time, but no one else showed. The game was reschedule for 9am Sunday. There was another Call of Cthulhu game going on next door. We moved on over and played the game. For a first time game master, Adam knew his stuff and hosted a great game. It was not till the end game that I recalled I had played this long ago, but this came out with a different out come. The night ended with me heading home to get some sleep.

Sunday started out cold with me deicing the car.
The drive was not uneventfully. The entry ramp was icy and had already had one car slide into the side bumpers. Take the ramp slow, my car did skid a little and was able to get around the accident and not add to it. On the freeway there were some slow downs also. Some how a car had ended up on its side, bring the road down to one lane. I got the con at a little after 9am to make the Call of Cthulhu game that was original schedule last night, called Mystic Alliances by Kamal Lombardi. Counting me, there were a total of two players. The game was enjoyable. Could have been planed out a little better. The characters sheet were put together on a copy machine, info was spread out and some times missing. Handout were good, but they had game master info on them. Nowadays computers are widely available, he could have done some typesetting and greatly improved the game feel. This was a home brew game and even had a magic components to it, which I did not even use. Basically a good game.
The last game of the day called The League of Extraordinary Cats by Sophie Lagace using a system called Cat, which we play . . . cats. A great game and enjoyable story. I had held onto my character from last year and was able to play him with a few minor adjustment. A nice item that she continued with was little cat miniatures to get a feel for our characters (and we were able to keep them.)
Overall a good convention. There were not a lot of role playing games (excluding D&D) to chose from, but fun was had.

(Picture will be added soon. Just need to upload them to Flickr.)

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