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Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic-Con is Over.

I got back home (Bellevue, WA) last night. Took it easy and watched some TV. I have the next two day off to relax and reflect on Comic-Con. Currently I am going thru my swag and loot I came back with and next I will be going thru the pictures I took.

Now for the numbers.

By my count I took 931 pictures. More than half are shots of the panels. The others are stuff at the con, costume shots and other things.

I made it to 15 panels.

I missed, did not go or could not get in for 9 panels.

For 2 of the panels I get in half way thru or left half way thru the panel.

Time was not wasted, I was ether standing in line for a panel or down on the convention floor walking around picking up swag or looking around.

Will post a few other posts about Comic-Con. I will be working on sorting thru the pictures I took to upload them to flickr.

Check out my twitter post during the convention here.

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