Monday, August 31, 2009

The August Post

With posting on twitter, I have not posted as I once posted. For the blog I going to recap the basics of last month.

With Dragonflight, I had some great fun. Played a hand full of RPG games, some with Norm and others that played with at past conventions.
Got some nice freebies, picked up a few good deals on some RPG books and filled out on some D&D minis.

Check out the pictures I took at Dragonflight here.

Loot Figures from Dragonflight

With Comic-Con 2009 over for this year, I am still working on going thur the all the pictures I took. I have uploaded all the pictures from the main floor, the stars that had a booth or were in the autograph area and one of panels I went to. I still have a good number panels shots to review and upload. I should have those up soon.
Check out the Comic-Con Set link here for what I have uploaded so far and check back later for the other picture once I upload them.

Comic-Con 2009 Costumes 01 Lego Comic-Con Logo

Also this month we got some more play time in our newly started Hero System game. We now have 5 games under our belt.

Check out my character blog:

The last note was that my brother has move out of the New York area to live in a house in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The move is complete and they get to play whats in the box.

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