Thursday, March 18, 2010

My day at Emerald City ComiCon

The day started with waiting for my car pool pick up. We got there a little before 10am. I had preordered and just walked up to the badge pickup window and got my badge. I spotted the DC booth was near the door with that was starting to get a little long. I got in the line for the freebies. While I was waiting for the line to move I spotted Shannon and Matt from the Seattle Geekly Podcast. After my grab of comics and such, I started to head over to the media guests area when I spotted the Kirby Krackle booth where I picked up heir new album, E for Everyone. I continued on my way to nice sized line for Wil Wheaton, where I waited for a while till it was my turn. He commented on the shirt I was wearing, the How We Roll shirt, which was a highlight of the day. I picked up the Memories of the Future book, which he signed along with a picture I took of him last year. I also got another picture of him with the picture he sign. I had a idea that will take some time to complete. Like this shirt Wil had on Sunday, when Wil is in Seattle again (ether PAX 2010 or Emerald City ComiCon 2011), I will get another picture of Wil holding this year's picture to have a picture of a picture of a picture in it. That the plan anyways. After meeting Wil there was still some time before his panel started, I decided to play it safe and find a good seat for the Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour. The panel was great, I had heard the story before, but it great to hear it live by the person who wrote it. With me staying in my seat, the next panel to begin was Spotlight on Leonard Nimoy. I have not been to a panel with him and it was a great one to start with. I found out a few things about him I did not know of before. With me in the same seat, the next panel to begin was Spotlight on Stan Lee. It was great to hear him again. After these panels I had about three hours to look around the convention floor. I one stop I needed to make was to pick up the 3rd Season of The Guild signed by Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis and Robin Thorsen. I continued to look around, found some item I wanted to but, but held off till I get a good look around. I found for something I was not actively looking for, D&D Miniatures. I sent the last of the cash I brought with me on 22 figures. The price was good, but had a weird way of determining the cost of the figure. It was higher if the figure could be used a playable character. The convention closed their doors at 6pm, but there one last thing to do. Down on the first floor we has a Seattle Geekly Meetup which total of 22 people showing up along with Larry Nemecek and the hosts, Shannon and Matt. Had a great time and won a Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (Battle Damaged with DIECAST metal with Display stand) by answering what alien had yellow blood. A few wrong answers were given, and gave the only other alien I could come up with. A ferengi. After this I got some food with some friends and then headed home.

This year I only went one day and I did not have the time to hit all the booth I would have like to. Next year they changed from a two day, to a three day convention and I will be doing the full three day. I only had the cash on me to spend. Next year I will bring more money to spend.

It was a great convention with some great panels. This was a great start to the convention season.

See all the pictures I took here at Flickr.

Swag and Loot

My Swag and Loot from Emerald City Comicon
(Click on the pictures for the labled items.)

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