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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Our HERO game.

This game was played on October 12th in the year of 2005 using the HERO game system with Fantasy HERO setting.

With our enlarged group (trackers and a non-trackers), we set traps and scouted the northern area. With smoking fires, a group of orcs and goblins showed up. (In the picture, our group is on the left and a small group shows up on the right.)

Three orcs turn and face Gregor (top of the picture) ready to attack him.

Gregor is knocked out by the three orcs. Vaden (lower left of the picture) and another of our party come up behind the orcs and kills one of them and damage the others later.

Making sure Gregor is not killed, we set to kill the other orcs. With the tide changed, the remaining orcs make a run for it (top right of the picture). Vaden follow behind the fleeing the orcs (middle of the picture). Be a little faster on his feet, Vaden is able to kill the orcs. A dead orc is a good orc.

Next installment: The road back home.