Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sleeping in ...

Being a day off, most people will sleep in. But today (Thanksgiving Day) workers are continuing to prep/paint the apartment units that I live in. Its not a good thing to wake up with someone scarping off paint off the outside bedroom window. Its just like the day before my New York trip, I took off to rest and finish any last minute items. That day the roof redone. It sounded like people running around on the roof, ok, maybe they weren't running, they were walking.
This also brings up the actual trip to New York, the city was taking down a building in the downtown area. They can not just blow it up, being downtown and all. They had to take it down by jack hammer and other tool. It good to wake up with the pounding of a jack hammer at 7:30 pm. Of course you don't need to sleep in on a vacation, you need to be up, visit and see the sights.
This is my rave for today.

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