Thursday, June 08, 2006

The game last night.

A little history, HERO System, fantasy setting (swords and club level of weapons) with some mild super powers thrown in.

Our small group of two was to cause some trouble from some raders. we were heading towards their location and came across a lone rider. We thought easy target. Why not try to sneak up on him. We made our stealth roll. But his perception roll was better. His horse spead up and tried to run down my character, Vaden. Unknown to the rider, Vaden had powered up. (This means that his strength rose from 18 to 28, got a little toughter and tripled my weight.) Vaden tried to dodge. He was not fast enough to dodge. Vaden did not take any Body damage, but took enough stun daze him. What happent next was a little funny. The horse got stoped dead in his tracks almost throwing the rider. Darbor, the other person in the group of two, steped up and attacked the rider and got a good hit. Next the horse attacked and got a lucky hit and knocked him out. My partner in this outing does not know of my power (stoping the horse probably did rase a question or two in his mind). With him knocked out, Vaden could be a little more open with his powers. He pull out his great club and attacked the horse. With a lucky roll, Vaden smack the horse right in the face with a high Body and Stun damage (which is doubled with a head shot). The horse fell over traping the rider unable to move. With a called shot to head of the rider, I knocked him out too.

With the battle over I checked on Darbor, with him ok. I tied the rider up and planed to take him back to town. I took about 3 hrs to get back to town and the rider never did wake up. That must have been some hit.

This reminded me of the scene from Blazing Saddles, where Mongo punched out a horse.

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