Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fantasy Hero Game: A sanity check and your throughts.

I got this email from my gamemaster on our thoughts on the game so far.

Player's Thoughts:

Just wanted to get some feedback from you two on several things. Sort of a pick-your-brain type of thing. The following are not in any sort of order, just how they came out of my brain:

1. (Most important to me) Are you having fun?
a. What do you like?
b. What do you hate?
c. Is there something that can be added, removed, or done differently to make the game more fun for you?

2. Plot hooks. The way I have been running it right now is pretty controlling of where you go and what happens. After the next 'chapter' or two, it should open up some.
a. What things that have happened, or have heard about, in thegame did you want to explore in greater detail?
b. Any sort of side plots would you like to see in exploring something about or for your character.

3. Game mechanics. Rules that we are using in the game.
a. Any rules that you read about (especially the optional ones) that you want me to include?
b. Anything in the rules that do not make sense to you? Or that you think that they is a different interpretation?
c. Anything that you think is just plain dumb?

4. Did you have any other thoughts or comments?

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