Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The game last week.

I am a little behind on these notes, this is from about 3 weeks ago.

The prev game left off with Vaden and Darbor on the run from 3 human armored horse men. We were able to get away, but going toward the human group was group of orc and goblins. (Note: the human were the bad guys and the orc & goblins are the good guys.) We turned around and started to head back, Our numbers have increased. Yea! Vaden and Darbor game up behind the orc and goblins, they attacked the knights. Darbor atempted to get a attack the a knight, but did not get a good chance (dang those fast horse). Vaden stayed off to side hiding and being stelthy.
I tried for a head shot on one of the knights, but I missed and hit a orc in the stomach (ouch). The next shot his the knight in the head and he goes down. Next, a different knight come in range, I fire again and land the head shot I was aiming for. Another knight goes down. The third knight is not in range, so I put another shot into the first knight, just to be sure he is not playing dead.
Vaden next goes towards the third knight, to get a shot of him. Durring this time the orc and goblins attact the knight and try to pull him off the horse. Wanting to help, Vaden think to try something new. Vaden activates the "Tought Man" power (which also ups his mass to 400kg) and does a Cannon Ball at this knight. Vaden hits him and knock him down, pinning his legs. The others pin his arms down. We asked if he wanted to surrender, he decline the offer. So he was killed.

Learned that day: Again, surprise is good and a arrow to the head with a quick death is great.

I got the idea of the Cannon Ball move from the X-Men, with Wolverine and Colossus's Fastball Special. Just think about a 400kg item/thing comming strait for you. Ouch, that must hurt.

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