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Monday, November 06, 2006

Daughter of the Sun

From a e-mail I got today:

"I know that you enjoy reading, but sometimes it is just too darn hard to find the time to curl up with your favorite book. I am sure that many of your friends are the same way. A lot of people will not even read much any more because of these hectic schedules we lead.

What if I told you that you can now listen to my novel, Daughter of the Sun? And it wouldn't cost you a dime? Interested?

I launched the podcast version of my novel tonight. But what is a podcast? Basically, with the podcast, a new chapter will be released every week until the novel is finished up. It is just a simple .mp3 file that you download to your computer and listen while you work. You can throw it on an mp3 player, like the iPod, iRiver, or any others, and listen while you work out, or do chores. You do not even have to download it. You can listen right from my webpage. Right here:

That will take you right to the first chapter.

... Lonnie Ezell"

Try the audio podcast, the book was great.

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