Friday, November 24, 2006

My day of shoping.

I did not get up for the 6 AM sales, I got up about 10 AM and headed out.

First stop was Best Buy. Did have to work for a parking spot. Looked around had some great sales on some DVD I already had. There was one I did not have, but did not feel up waiting in the line for that.
Next was Target, found a parking spot quickly and headed in. Picked up a few needed item. Found a good deal on a 512 MB USB Flash Drive.
Last stop was Mervyns, which was having a store closing sale along with the after Thankgiving sale. Picked up some jeans for dad for Christmas & his B-Day (which are close together) and picked up 2 sets of paints and a shirt for a great price. Saved about a good 45% off the retail cost.

Alot of walking but some good deals.

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