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Friday, December 15, 2006

The day of winds.

Due to high winds power was down thru out the area.

Morn: was woken up by my cordless phone was beeping, this was 1:40 am. This was due to my power being out. Went back to sleep for awhile. Woke up, ate some cold cereal and headed out to walk to work. Power was out thru out the area. I avoided the major lights. The power was off up to the street where work was.

Lunch: I was planning on eating at one of the fast food joints, but power was still out. Ended up eating at work.

Work End: I see the light back on and are on at my apartment. As walking back I see lines of car at the gas stations.

I text my friend and he does not have any power yet. With some traffic, he comes over. We walk over for some Chinese food which took about 1 hr and a half. On the way back we do some bowling. With two games: I bowl 92 on my first game and 96 on my second, Chris bowls 68 on my first game and 96 on my second. Ending the day with a DVD.

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