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Friday, December 01, 2006

My paintball photos.

I got this email via my Flickr account today about using some of my paintball photos.

Hi, this is sophie araos ,im writing from chile ´cause

i want to ask you for some photos from people playing paintball,

i work at Xplora, it´s a wellness and sports magazine and

in this number we´re planning to write about "paintball" in our

outdoor sports section.

for that reason i want to know if your are able to borrow me some

of your pictures in high quality.

i could apriciate it, ´cause in my country this is a new sport

and there´s not to much information about it, so we want to

let the people know about it.

if you are able please let me know, and tell me if you can send me 2 or 3

photos attatched in mail or maybe how can i download some of them

from your website.

thanks and i´ll wait for an answer.

I have sent my reply asking what pictures and a copy of the cover and any pages my pictures show up in the magazine. I am waiting for her reply.

Update (12/17/06): No answer to my email as of yet.

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