Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The guests from New York.

My brother and his family has left and I am back at work. One of the things I will remember about the was my father's birthday gift. I called mom and checked dad's size for blue jeans. I was told Levi 501 with the size of 31 x 30. I had found a close out sale and jumped at the price and got 6. A story came up about how dad did not like button fly. For the heck of it I checked the ones I got. As I went thru them I said "shit" six time. Levi 501s are button flies. I did not know this. Ok, this may still work. The family went to the mall and Chad (my brother) found out the his size was not the 31 x 30 as I was told. Now I was screwed. The close out sale item were not refundable. Kate (my brother's wife) and I snuck away and found some Levi in the right size and some shirts for him. All was saved. Yea!

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