Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sakura-Con 2007

I want to start out by saying that getting sick sucks. Sakura-Con was last weekend. I hitched a ride with a friend to the Con. It did start with a 1 hour and 45 min stand in line. It was not too bad, i had planed on some wait. I did bring my PSP and iPod to kill some time. People in costume were abundant as you can tell in the picture that I took and others. One good did happen while in line, got a free con t-shirt. The dealer room was great. I did a lot of looking and bought a few Tachikoma toy figures, Dragon Ball figures and a Drsgon Quest toy. Seen here. I saw my frind Rich and stoped by the video room a few times. By 6pm I was ready to go, I was not feeling good. I got home in good time and crashed out. I ended up recovering that weekend and next two work days.

Check out the photo group for the Sakura-Con 2007 pictures, some are mine:
Sakura-Con. Get yours at


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