Thursday, April 26, 2007

The water flows.

Last night it started with a ring around the sink. I think the sink has a clog. I find the drano and follow the directions. About a hour later I hear running water, like the tub was left running and over flowed. But it was not the tub, but the sink. Water was flowing up the drain, over flowed the sink and getting the floor soaked. First, glab my extra towels and apply then to the floor. Next, grab a large jar and start bailing the water from the sink to the tub. After a little time, it stoped and the clean up started. The pipe from the sink was removed and clean. I am not really sure where the water came from, the water was flowing from the drain. I had run a load of close in the washer. Could the be it? Is the washer drain connected to the sink? I will be keeping a eye out on the that sink from now on.

Update (5/1/07): After one more overflow today, the problem was fixed while I was at work by Roto Rooter. There was a clog somewhere in the line that directed some/most/all of the water from my new up stares neighbors. When I got home there was just a little clean up to do and some wet towels to deposit in the washer.

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