Saturday, May 12, 2007

The couch and the car.

Dad delivered a leather couch that matches my favorite lounge chair that someone did not want. We did some switching around of the current couch and transferred it back to my parents place for their use. It does not recline like the prev one, but I like it a lot better.
In the truck transferring my old couch, dad stated there was a problem with my Volvo (they are still borrowing my car waiting for a part for their car in the shop). Last weekend I drove my car while my parents came over the bridge to have lunch and a move, I noticed that the pick up when I accelerated was a little off. Tuesday the car loss acceleration, luckily it was near their house and a repair station. Also luckily the cost was not too much, from what dad said, I did offer to pay for it. But declined, saying it was borrowing my car was less that getting a rental car.

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