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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some work notes.

The other day I had someone call in and say they wanted to check on a payment that was made for $160.00. Ok I say. What is the cell number? I don't know it. Ok, what is the account number? I don't know it. i think the girl said she was from accounting, but she does not have any numbers and wanted to find a needle in hay stack filled with needles. The next question I asked, was 'Do you know the tax id of the company?'. She says, 'I have the last four digits of it'. After talking to her supervisor I was able to pull the needed info from her and after a little more time, find the need account and number.

Today i had this training for 3 hours starting at 9am, yea. I got in at 8:15 and got on the phones at 8:30. My morning break was 15 min later at 8:45. The time come around and right before I walk away, I get a email and they cancel the training due to service level. Taken my morning break already, I do not get another one till my lunch at noon. That bad planning. (Venting ending . . . .)

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