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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The flight back home.

Before I comment on the Comic-Con (on another post), I going to post what happened on Sunday. We took our time in the morning, hit the con floor for our final rounds and plan to meet up at 2:30 pm at the bus to head back to the hotel. With over a hour left I get a call from Rich about our trip back has been moved up. We rush out of there and get to the airport to find it was JP's schedule that has been changed and not mine or Rich. We have some waiting to do. Our first trip to Salt Lake City goes fine, we get there at about 9:00 pm MST. Its the second trip to Seattle that has been delayed and pushed back. After some changes, it gets pushed back to 1:40 am MST. It would not be so back, with a book to read or my PSP to play. But I had picked up a bug from Rich or JP and I felt like crap and did not feel like doing anything. The plane left some time after 2:00 am MST and got to Seattle 3:00 am PST. My dad picked me and Rick up, droped him off at his house, then drove Rich home and then got myself home at about 4:40 am PST. Droped everything on the ground and crashed out till past noon time. That day mostly sucked.

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Neal said...

Hi Heath!
Looking forward to hearing your recap of what you saw/did! We saw a bit on TV last night about Comic-Con, and looked for you in the background shots ;^)