Sunday, July 01, 2007

My new DVR.

Some differences I have noticed with my new DVR built in to my cable box from my old TiVo.

  • Search function is about the same.
  • The TiVo will store 30 min of live TV and will erase the time from the end, keeping a full 30 min. With the DVR on normal cable, it will keep 15 min. After 15 min it will erase the 15 min and start over again.
  • With the TiVo, you can set a search for a name and if it found it a show description, it would record the show automatically.
  • The guide on the TiVo would have about 2 - 3 weeks available. The DVR has about 1 week (so far, looks it may still be downloading).
  • With the DVR, no phone jack is required. The guide come from the cable.
  • With the DVR, when you delete a show, it is gone. With a software update a while back, the TiVo would place the deleted show in a trash folder and when needed delete the show.
  • With the DVR it does show the percent of space you have left. (Something I like.)
I like my TiVo system, but it bit the dust and stop working (see prev post) and I did not want to spend any more money than I needed for a replacement. The unit I got from my cable company is about $12.00 per month (and no equipment to purchase) and the TiVo had a monthly cost for the guide of about $15.00 per month (and the equipment has to be purchased).

TiVo makes a good system and is included Direct TV systems (I think), which I do not have. I did not want to fork out any more money than a I had. At this point I am saving money.

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