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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The last few days.

Last night I went over to Norm's place to talk about the Hero game. We picked up some food and talked over dinner. Characters were talked about and for me very little will change. Bob's character will change on how it will be played and maybe the powers. The game will pick up in two weeks after my trip to New York, on Nov 2nd. After the take of the about the Hero game, we played a few games of FLUXX from Looney Labs. A fun game where the rules changes as the game is played. We got 4 games in and one game ended with a forced play of a goal. I also got a set of 6 new Hero dice from our GM as we prep for restarting our game.
A long time ago we came up with a name for game group, due to our some time unlucky roll of the dice and what ended up happening to us in the current game. We had for a while thinking of a icon for our group to post on the wiki and such. A few days ago my thoughts were running around and it popped into my head. A four leaf clover on fire, that luckless. You can see the picture off to the left, the first and maybe final draft of the idea.
On Thursday, a day off for me the power went off for about 2 hours, due to some high winds right when I was on the computer. It was during the day and it was still light out side. I got some comic reading done. The day continued. The next morning the alarm went off and I got up as usual. Got some food and looked at my watch. It was earlier than I thought, the alarm clock was running 15 min fast. Better fast than slow.

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