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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Painted Figure.

Last Thursday (10/18/07) I finished Bob's figure he gave (after I offer) to me to paint (oh so many months ago). Cleaning, priming and adding the base coat were the easy part. After I did that the figure sat around for a few months, our game was on hold due to our GM's wife was having a baby. We planed to met for our prep game on Friday (10/19/07) to talk about the game and our characters. I had put the paint of the figure off to long and need it finished. I went through my colors and picked the standard ones (armor, metal, leather colors). The choices were the small items on the figure and the one large item that not a standard color was the cloak. It took 2 nights after work to get a final product completed for our Friday get together.

I took some pictures of the different stages of the painting of Bob's figure, which should be named Darbor.

Blackclad Druid - Prep The Mini Blackclad Druid - Prime and Base Blackclad Druid - Painting The Mini Blackclad Druid - The Finished Mini

Click the picture for a larger picture and some more info on painting the figure.

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