Saturday, October 27, 2007

The drunk guy in the subway.

Yesterday I saw my first drunk guy in the New York subway. Heading back from dinner, I noticed a guy in a white shirt slumped down on a bench along the wall, off to my left. The train jerked to a start and he toppled over onto the floor. He did not move, he was dead drunk and it was only 8:30 pm. A guy near by, to the guy on the floor, came over to make sure he was alive. He slapped him a few time and he stirred.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Painted Figure.

Last Thursday (10/18/07) I finished Bob's figure he gave (after I offer) to me to paint (oh so many months ago). Cleaning, priming and adding the base coat were the easy part. After I did that the figure sat around for a few months, our game was on hold due to our GM's wife was having a baby. We planed to met for our prep game on Friday (10/19/07) to talk about the game and our characters. I had put the paint of the figure off to long and need it finished. I went through my colors and picked the standard ones (armor, metal, leather colors). The choices were the small items on the figure and the one large item that not a standard color was the cloak. It took 2 nights after work to get a final product completed for our Friday get together.

I took some pictures of the different stages of the painting of Bob's figure, which should be named Darbor.

Blackclad Druid - Prep The Mini Blackclad Druid - Prime and Base Blackclad Druid - Painting The Mini Blackclad Druid - The Finished Mini

Click the picture for a larger picture and some more info on painting the figure.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The last few days.

Last night I went over to Norm's place to talk about the Hero game. We picked up some food and talked over dinner. Characters were talked about and for me very little will change. Bob's character will change on how it will be played and maybe the powers. The game will pick up in two weeks after my trip to New York, on Nov 2nd. After the take of the about the Hero game, we played a few games of FLUXX from Looney Labs. A fun game where the rules changes as the game is played. We got 4 games in and one game ended with a forced play of a goal. I also got a set of 6 new Hero dice from our GM as we prep for restarting our game.
A long time ago we came up with a name for game group, due to our some time unlucky roll of the dice and what ended up happening to us in the current game. We had for a while thinking of a icon for our group to post on the wiki and such. A few days ago my thoughts were running around and it popped into my head. A four leaf clover on fire, that luckless. You can see the picture off to the left, the first and maybe final draft of the idea.
On Thursday, a day off for me the power went off for about 2 hours, due to some high winds right when I was on the computer. It was during the day and it was still light out side. I got some comic reading done. The day continued. The next morning the alarm went off and I got up as usual. Got some food and looked at my watch. It was earlier than I thought, the alarm clock was running 15 min fast. Better fast than slow.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dad's New Car

Today, me and dad went to two large lots near my apartment and found a car in his price range. It was a 2000 Subaru Forester. See below for the out come of the day. Good condition, AC, automatic and over 100,000+ miles.

The New Subaru

Friday, October 05, 2007

Customer Service Week at work.

This week was Customer Service Week. Food, games and gifts all week long.

See some pictures here.