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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sakura-Con 2008

Saturday, I went to Sakura-Con at the Washington State Convention Center. I carpooled with Rich and JP. The day started at 8:30am at work's parking lot with Rich picking me up. We got there about 8:50am. Registration took about 30 min, which is alot better than the 3 hours it did last year. Getting there early sure did help. I went down to the dealer area to find it not open yet. I hung around the entrance area and took some pictures of the people in costumes. The doors opened, I did a round of all the tables. Took some pictures and did another round of the booths. Took some breaks in the Anime Theater or in Artist Alley at Rich's table. The dealer room closed down at 6pm, I hung around took some pictures and waited around till a anime movie was playing. I got most of the way thru the movie, till the dance party up stares got noisy, the metal door in the back of the room was shaking and I could not hear the movie. It was something I had seen before, so I headed back to Artist Alley to hang out. Be headed out to get a bite to eat around 11pm and got back to the car around 12:30am to find my car covered with snow.

I had fun. I might do Sunday next year. It has been a few day sense the convention and my cafes are still sore from all the walking, at lease my feet are not hurting

What was in my bag at Sakura-Con 08.
Click the picture to get a biger picture of what
I took with me and what I came back with me.

Also check the pictures set I have of Sakura-Con on Flickr.
(It will take awhile to post all the pictures,
check back to see what has been added.)

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