Friday, April 18, 2008

Wrong Turn

Tonight's plan was to get some food after work and see a movie with some friends. That did not go as planed. I got off work killed a little time. Got a table before the other got there. We ate and talked. One of the others had found out from the internet that the movie started at 7:50pm. We all got there about 7:35pm and found out the movie had started at 6:50pm and the next one was not till 9:35pm. We used out phone to find other theaters near by and what time the movie stared: 6:10pm (no), 6:20pm (No) and the last was found for 7:50, it was 7:40 at this time and would take at least 15 min to get to downtown Bellevue on a Friday night (NO!). We called the night done and went our own ways. At this time it was lightly snowing. It was not sticking to the ground, but it was snowing mid-April. Its spring it should not be snowing at this time of year. Oh well. I did a little shoping in the area and went home.

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