Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from Comic-Con

It started early. Got to the airport with time to spare. Check in was simple. Meet up with the others. We got to the hotel and rested for awhile. We walked to the convention center to get our badges. I help Rich set up his stuff for the art show. Rich got a artist table on the con floor. Due to the table, we got onto the floor early with no Preview Day crowd and was able to snap some great pictures. The doors opened and the floor became crowded. I got a large bag and filled it up with some feebies for the three hours of the Preview Day.

The next day started with getting a Torchwood autograph ticket at the BBC booth and then I rushed up to the autograph area to get a ticket for the panel autographs. Got in a some what long line and got the needed ticket on the first try. The first day panel was the Stan Lee and Grant Morrison Panel, then the Doctor Who panel and finishing with the Torchwood panel. All of them were in the same room. After the panels it was time to wait in line for the Doctor Who/Torchwood autograph. It took over a hour, but I got 2 of the 3 people signing. I tried to get into the next panel, but it was full. So I wondered around the con floor. There was one exclusive item I wanted, I had to stand in another line at the Hasbro booth for around 20 to 30 min. The day ended with my feet needing a rest.

The next day was Friday. There were 3 Stargate panels going on, again all in the same room. I left at the tail end of the Atlantis panel to goto the floor for the Slave Leia Group photo shot. I found that it was going to happen at 1pm at the Gentle Giant booth in front of the life size bust of Jabba The Hut. When I got there they were was not group, just some single Leia posing on Jabba The Hut. I happily took a good number of photos. (I found out later that the group shot was done at 11:30am on that same day). Next I went to stand in a long line to get into the American Dad panel, which then changed into the Family Guy panel, which showed a full episode of the next season. I laughed my ass off. In the same room, the next panel was Bones panel, which showed 1/3 to 1/2 of a episode of the next season. They almost had the full cast there. I tried to got into the Robot Chicken pannel, but they closed the line off 30 min before the panel stared, so I wend down to the con floor to look around there.

Saturday can along. Went to the Iron Man Animated Screening which it showed 2 full eps. With Rich, we tried to get Mythbuster autograph tickets. Rich got his on the 1st try. A line friend got a extra one and she gave me her extra ticket. I had some time, I went to the con floor and looked around. Next was the Chuck panel and the Eureka panel. Rich got in line for Mythbuster autograph and I meet up with him. I got some good pictures of them from the line, when I got up there I got to shake both of their hands. From there I went to get in line for the Mythbuster panel. I got in line. The end of a very long line. I stayed in till they said the room was full. With Rich and JP, we went and got some food. The other went to do their own things, while went to the see Wolverine and The X-Men Animated screening. It was great, 3 full episodes, that will not begin till next year. After that in the same room was the world premiere of Mutant Chronicles.

At the freebie table I noted they were giving out poster tubes that had fake FOX stickers on them along with handy shoulder straps. This was the only thing of note they were giving out at the freebie table. This poster tube came in real handy with getting my posters home on the plane in one piece.

Sunday was the last day. No major plans were planed. Went around the con floor for a while and watched some anime for a while and the met up with the others to head out. We went to the hotel to check out. Chris was not there. He had met up with his cousin and had taken a nap. We met up with him at the airport later. Got home with no major problems.

Check out the picture here on Flickr. (Will post the pictures as I go thru them, it could take a while.)

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