Monday, September 01, 2008

My Sunday at PAX

In case you did not know, PAX breaks dow to Penny Arcade Expo and the web site can be found here.

My plans were to go with a friend. As things go, plans changed. I started the day by getting some breakfast at IHOP and headed on over to Washington State Convention Center. Found a parking spot and headed on up to get my ticket. The line was not large at and got taken care of in a few minutes. First thing I did was pick up the The Guild: Season 1 DVD and got Felicia Day to sign it and talked to her for a min or two. I looked around to see a lot of eletronic game booths. I did some demos at the Wizards of the Coast booth for awhile, the first one was on the Magic:CCG to get some SWAG. I got a Time Spiral Tournament Pack (75 cards), a Planar Chaos Booster Pack (15 cards) and a Magic:CCG Artwork mouse pad. It has been about 5 or so years sence I have played Magic and a creature from the past has shown in with the name of Slivers. I also got a online demo of the D&D character creation that is available thru D&D Insider (so I was told). As time got close, I headed over to the Wil Wheaton panel. I got there some what early, but not early enougth to get a seat. There was only standing room available at that time. Things started and found out that audio system was not the greated. At the back it was hard to hear. It got a little better. Wil read Blue Light Special from his third book, The Happiest Days of Our Lives. I had heard the story before, but is good to hear it live. Next he did a colorfull reading from a review (he did) of a classic Star Trek:TNG episode, called Datalore. After the panel I went around to see what was available to the RPG and game section. I spoted a room with Wizards of the Coast games (ie D&D), some miniture gaming and board game. I went over to the main exhibition hall to look it over once or twice. After some time I went home and called it a day.

I also want to note that I spotted a lot of people with their DS out playing some games. They had a lounge area where they had these beanbag type chairs for people to play their DS, work on their labtop or crash out.

Also for the record, the Rock Band game were in at least 3 or more different booths rocking out with no shortage of victims.

For the record, this does make my 6th convention for the year.

Vader the Game Master 1

Here are the pictures I took at PAX.

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