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Monday, December 22, 2008

Today at work.

Last night I found out that the campus (at work) would not open till 10 am due to the snow down pour on Sunday. I slept till about 8am and spotted that I missed a call from my supervisor saying that the campus would not open till 11 am and wanted a call to see if I would be able to make it in. After a walk outside in the new snow, I said no problem. I walked to work with some sliping and sliding along the way and clocked in at 11 am to take some calls (thinking that the training was been canceled). It was not till the end of the shift that I found out training was not canceled, I only thought it was, thinking that my supervisor know that it was canceled. I talked to the trainer and found out that the info can/will be made up later (about half the class was not there).

Hill - IMG_4471

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